7 Ways to Improve Your Roofing Sales Pitch

7 Ways to Improve Your Roofing Sales Pitch

The roofing industry in the US alone is estimated to be worth about $52 billion, which is predicted to grow by 11% before 2027. This means if you can up your game, there’s a lot of profit to make from this industry.

However, you’ll need to improve your roofing sales pitch and employ marketing strategies to seal deals with high-paying clients. One way to do that is to embrace new roofing marketing ideas and improve your sales pitch.

Want to stop losing your clients to competitors? You need a solution! Here’s how to improve your roofing sales pitch.

1.   Present yourself as a pro

It’s no surprise that every homeowner wants to deal with a professional. No one wants to give a project to someone not well versed in the industry.

This is why your approach should tell prospects that they are dealing with someone who knows what they’re doing. The best time to establish this is during your first meeting.

Like they say, first impressions last. The first impression you should sell to your prospects during your sales pitch is that you are a professional in the roofing industry; other things should come next.

How do you go about this? Your website should be responsive, professional, and easy to navigate. Your customer service should be impressive enough to convince them they are in good hands. These are little things that inform their decision and determine whether they will purchase your product or not.

2. Sell your uniqueness

Customers receive many offers daily, leaving them with many to choose from. What sets your offer apart from others is your unique selling point.

What is a unique selling point? A unique selling point simply describes what makes your product better than other brands or those of your competitors.

To improve your roofing sales pitch, you have to explain with proof why your product is better than the rest on the market. They need to understand why they should choose your products ahead of others. Here are factors you can leverage on:

  • Pricing: Are your prices better than those of your competitors? Some homeowners find it a bit expensive to repair or replace roofs. Setting affordable prices, discounts, and promotional deals could make you stand out from the crowd.
  • Service: Can you boast a better service compared to your competitors? Having 24/7 customer support, accurate roof measurements, quick roof measurements delivery, and freebies would put you on top of the list.
  • Efficiency: Can you deliver accurate roof measurements and correct estimations faster than your competitors? If you can, ensure you highlight these in your sales pitch.

3. Study pain points and offer a solution

If you are serious about improving your roofing sales pitch, you must have heard that addressing your prospects’ pain points and providing a solution is one of the best ways to close deals with them.

Identify their pain points, then offer a solution. For example, many homeowners want a peek at how their home would look. You can solve this problem by sending them a full roof report with HD imagery.

This will not only show them what they should expect, but it will also inform their decision and portray you as a professional.

You can educate them about their roofing problem, its effect on the house, and how you can fix it. People are ready to pay for a service that solves their problems.

4. Give options

As you pitch to homeowners, ensure you provide them with several options. Many roofers make a big mistake leaving their prospects with a single choice.

According to a survey, 80% of top roofing contractors in the US provide homeowners with a minimum of two shingle options. This enables homeowners to choose which they think is best for them.

Let your prospects know what’s available and why one is better than the other. Instead of imposing, give them the liberty to choose as they deem fit. You can seize the moment to tell them about your upgrade options and why they should consider them.

5. Give prospects a chance to share their views and hear them out

Actively listening to homeowners is another great way to improve your roofing sales pitch. Don’t just speak for long hours and expect them to accept your offer. Let them have a part in the conversation and listen to them attentively as they speak.

Aside from hearing them out, you should also allow room for questions. This will help build trust and a healthy relationship. Listening to them will not only make you understand them better—it will also give you clues about their pain points.

Next, you should educate them about their pain point and outline strategies your company can execute to help them solve the problem. You can also give them scenarios of similar jobs your company has handled successfully.

6. Offer something for free

Let’s face it! People love free things. Aside from that, some homeowners want to have a taste of what they will be getting.

Offering something for free helps them overcome their fear. If they have a glimpse of the free offer and love the service, it can encourage them to switch to the upgrade plans to enjoy more benefits. You can make their first roof measurement free or create free trials.

7. Adopt digital tools

Adopting digital tools for roofing businesses might be why your competitors are ahead of you. Some of these technological tools have made pitching to homeowners easy for roofers.

You are late to the show if you are not yet using software for your roofing sales pitch. Roofing software enables you to send professional and job-winning proposals to homeowners. Some offer templates that can be customized to fit your brand. A professional and branded proposal will make you stand out from the crowd.

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