8 Most Common Moving Mistakes to Avoid

8 Most Common Moving Mistakes to Avoid

Statistics show that almost 13% of Americans switch dwellings every year, making around 40 million of our countrymen constantly in motion. It isn’t easy leaving behind a familiar neighborhood for residing somewhere else – especially when you’re moving to another state. With an average American changing residence every 11 years, moving brings suffering to certain homeowners. So, how can people make moving less stressful and more enjoyable? Homeowners tend to make some mistakes because of which they remain miserable while moving. Avoiding these mistakes helps you enhance this experience and turn it into one of the most memorable moments of your life. What are these mistakes, then?

Mistakes You Should Avoid While Moving

Avoiding the below-mentioned mistakes will help you move into your apartment successfully without an accident. Even some trivial oversights may become major blunders that can ruin the entire project! You should remember that moving to another dwelling requires one’s time, effort, and wealth. So, it’s easy for mishaps to happen! All you need to do is remaining vigilant and committing strictly to your to-do list! You can add “avoiding these mistakes” to your list as well. For a seamless transition to the new house, homeowners must show caution and organize everything to prevent calamity from striking. Now, we’ll discuss some common mistakes homeowners frequently make while leaving behind their previous abodes:

  1. Taking Everything

People often make the mistake of transporting everything in the house. Moving gives you a chance to declutter the house and throw away things you don’t need anymore. If you can’t bear being apart from things with some sentimental value, there’s another option to use self-storage units. You can find these storage units around your area or from the internet. For instance, if you live in Denton, Texas, you can search online by typing storage units Denton TX to find the best option for your belongings. People can dump their useless belongings inside these units to avoid paying more money to transport them. But don’t make the mistake of keeping jewelry, documents, ammunition, or edibles inside such a location.

  1. Packing Everything

Some homeowners forget that packing everything isn’t correct while moving. There are some things you must avoid transporting via movers since it’s dangerous. For instance, packing lighter fluids and household cleaners/detergents isn’t safe since these things are flammable! This precaution holds for fertilizers as well. Moving perishables (fruits/vegetables) may spoil the food. Transporting frozen, packaged, and refrigerated food isn’t good either. Also, don’t mistake transporting your ammunition and batteries in a vehicle that isn’t air-conditioned.

  1. Getting Injured

It isn’t easy transporting your entire household to another location. Homeowners attempting to do it alone may suffer from several injuries in case of an accident. How to avoid these injuries? Well, we believe that education prevents people from this moving mistake. So, don’t bend at the waist to pick up heavy stuff; instead, squat with your knees. Avoid picking boxes that weigh over 50 pounds for not getting broken toes/fingers. Wear masks/gloves to prevent cuts/scrapes. Are you scared of sprained ankles? Clear an open path for moving your stuff inside and outside the new house. Also, wear work boots to avoid slipping/falling. Don’t let physical injuries ruin an exciting episode of your life.

  1. Not Labeling the Boxes

It isn’t easy transporting everything to the destination and then realizing you don’t know which box contains what items! Homeowners often make the mistake of not labeling the boxes. It annoys and frustrates them in the end. So, don’t allow idleness to prevent you from correctly identifying which items are stored inside which container. It’ll help you unpack the items easily without much hassle! All you require is a little pre-planning. Now, what’s the best method to label these boxes? We believe that using colored labels can help you quickly identify the contents of each box. So, try using some colored packaging tape for assigning a label to every single box you’re packing for relocation.

  1. Hiring Unreliable Movers

Some homeowners are scammed by fraudsters pretending to be qualified movers. They sometimes convince people to hire them despite having no credentials. It isn’t simple differentiating between a licensed and an unlicensed moving company. That’s why we prefer asking around friends/family for reliable and well-experienced small movers. Finding the right moving company involves searching for red flags while finding reviews online. You won’t get scammed by humbugs if you can verify their licenses and insurance information. Anyone with a vehicle and a website can claim to be the best in this business. So, employ the services of someone trustworthy and well-reviewed.

  1. Infuriating the Neighbors

Some people don’t realize that getting off with your neighbors on the wrong foot isn’t difficult today – especially if you’re inconsiderate about their convenience. So, remember to consider them when you’re unloading your belongings in the new house. Don’t block the driveway or take up much room on the road. It’s better to inform neighbors about you moving in so they can prepare for all uncomfortable situations. Find a parking space for the moving truck to avoid being an inconvenience for the entire locality. It’s essential to start your relations with the new neighbors in a pleasant and friendly manner. Ticking them off will only make the neighborhood hostile in the future!

  1. Not Hiring a Babysitter

Parents sometimes forget to hire babysitters for their children and animals. It can later distract them from focusing on the moving process. It isn’t easy to switch dwellings with your kids requiring constant attention. These distractions can make it an already exhausting experience even more difficult and demanding. Don’t forget to get yourself a babysitter to watch over the kids. That is because you are busy dealing with relocation-related duties. You can even ask your friends or family for a much-needed favor! It’ll let you remain productive until everything’s been relocated and unpacked at the new house.

  1. Damaging the Furniture

This mistake has been committed not just by movers but even homeowners. Furniture – heavy stuff – gets damaged when transported by careless handlers. People often attempt to move a colossal cupboard DIY but end up breaking its wooden structure. Folks also drop stuff while moving sensitive objects such as glassware. So, don’t forget to disassemble things before moving them. You should wear protective equipment while transporting your belongings. Also, protect the valuables by wrapping them in a blanket. But – most importantly – hire someone to carry bulky things instead of being self-sufficient. Moreover, avoid scratching the floor when you’re moving heavy boxes.


You might’ve heard about people calling moving an event more stressful than divorce/breakup! It isn’t an urban legend of any sort. Last year, 45% of Americans labeled moving as the most stressful event in their lifetimes. We’ve talked about problems folks face while moving. The solution involves transferring your utilities properly, hiring friends/family to give you a hand, packing/unpacking your stuff like a pro, and taking pictures of your belongings. These tips allow you to enjoy a seamless transition to your newly bought home without encountering any accidents.

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