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8 Outdoor Kitchen Countertop Design Ideas

8 Outdoor Kitchen Countertop Design Ideas

An outdoor kitchen helps you spend time outdoors with your family members and friends while enjoying yummy meals. It is also an excellent way to boost your potential to be a good party host. When you are designing an outdoor kitchen, one main thing to take into account is the countertop.

As you know, the outdoor kitchen is prone to weather elements, so you must pick a durable and strong countertop. If you ignore the durable aspect, you are putting your money down the drain. Today, there are many outdoor countertop design ideas for an outdoor kitchen to choose from.

Outdoor Kitchen Countertop Ideas for Inspiration

Here are the best outdoor kitchen countertop ideas:

1. Cedar Cabinetry with Stainless Steel Countertops

Stainless steel countertop combination with cedar cabinetry offers your outdoor kitchen a sophisticated feel. You can take advantage of the sunny area to make the cabinets look unique. Furthermore, to give your space a natural look, you can add herb pots filled with juniper, yucca, lavender.

Both stainless steel countertops and cedar cabinets are perfect for the outdoors because they are weather-resistant. Therefore, this will help you prevent rotting and decay.

2. L-Shaped Kitchen with Granite Countertops

Convert your backyard, deck, or patio area into a classy outdoor kitchen. Choose an L-shaped kitchen with a grey stone base and granite countertops. The L-shaped kitchen looks stunning with the beauty of natural surroundings. Moreover, the shape is versatile enough to meet all outdoor cooking needs. As per the NAHB study, almost 64% of new homes have installed granite countertops in their new homes.

A granite-based outdoor countertop can withstand any outdoor weather. Thanks to its high strength and durability. Granite countertops are also easy to clean, maintain and they help keep bacteria away. Moreover, your outdoor kitchen countertop looks much better when it’s directly exposed to the sunlight.

You can add a beautiful chandelier in the middle with drop-out lightning fixtures over the dining counter. Lounges and high chairs will help you add a charm to your outdoor kitchen area.

3. Outdoor Kitchen with White Quartz Countertops

Installing white quartz Caesarstone countertops helps you add a luxe appearance in your outdoor kitchen compared to marble. They are also easy to maintain and they are durable too. In addition, their surface is stain-resistant and non-porous.

Taking a few seconds to wipe them down spills on a routine basis will help you ensure they stay spotless for a long time. To avoid exposure to direct sunlight, weather and maximize your comfort, get some roof or add a cover over your kitchen countertop.

4. Black Laminate Countertops with a Brick Backsplash and Slate Side Walls

This is one of the cool outdoor kitchen countertop ideas. Laminate is one of the flexible countertop materials that look more like a natural stone. These countertops are water-proof and are a superb fit for the outdoor kitchen. To preserve the look of your laminate countertop, avoid putting hot objects directly over it.

A brick backsplash is very easy to install. It offers glamour and adds warmth to your outdoor kitchen area. Slate sidewalls keep your space looking its best because slate tiles add sophistication and richness.

5. Pergola Covered Outdoor Kitchen with Black Quartz Countertops and Mosaic Tiles

Adding a pergola over your outdoor kitchen with black quartz countertops and mosaic tiles is one of the great ways to secure the advantages of an outdoor kitchen. This design has been in existence since the Roman era.

Furthermore, a pergola made with a pergola bracket kit will also keep the surface of your back quartz countertop cool while allowing natural air and light to come in. Putting chairs and a dining table helps you to simplify and make it more entertaining.

6. Covered Pool Patio with Granite Countertops and Stacked Stone Support Beams

An outdoor kitchen nearby your covered pool patio with stacked support stone support beams is also a great design idea. Granite countertops have become a hot trend for outdoor usage – outdoor kitchens, bars, and patio tables.

Thanks to its long-lasting nature and easy-to-care beauty. They will help you withstand snow and ice during winters. Stacked stone beams create an ideal outdoor area with an impression. They are made up of individual tiny stones.

7. Outdoor Kitchen with Paving Stones

Today, many homeowners are building the base of their outdoor kitchens with paving stones. The beauty of paving stones is that it is very easy to install and maintain. They are also extremely durable. So, they will never chip or crack and are not able to withstand cold and hot climates.

You can even seal the natural stone if you prefer a less-porous surface for food preparation and serving. Moreover, you will never get two natural stones with the same patterns, tones, and colours. Therefore, paving will be fully unique to your property.

8. Outdoor Kitchen Wood Countertops

Installing wood countertops in your outdoor kitchen is also a great idea. They not only look appealing but also blend naturally with the environment well. Wood countertops are easier to install, tailor, and finish than other materials such as granite or laminate countertops. Popular woods used for outdoor wood countertops include chestnut, tigerwood, elm, white oak, etc.

The biggest perk is that they get better with age. Thanks to the character and patinas that it gains over time. These countertops are much less durable as compared to other options available. But you can seal to protect them from ice, rain, and snow. If you need a more durable version of the wooden countertop, we advise using paving stone that offers the same looks like wood.

Wrapping Up:

An outdoor kitchen is a superb add-on to your home. It is where everyone comes together and where their well-being and health are linked. When designing it, you need to consider which materials are long-lasting and will withstand regular use and the harshness of weather elements. You can get more help at rtaoutdoorliving.com to figure out what options are available, how to build or have it built for you and what all is involved in the process of adding this great social space!]

Outdoor kitchen countertops help you maximize your workspace and beauty in a wide assortment of shades and materials. In addition, they are the main area for food prep and serving. Follow our best outdoor kitchen countertop ideas to create an enjoyable and stunning outdoor kitchen. Also, do not start the design of the outdoor kitchen without first consulting with NKBA.

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