8 Steps For An ideal Facial Care Routine

Our skin often feels pale and dry, especially after these cold winter months. To ensure that the skin is optimally cared for, we recommend a facial care routine that you carry out regularly.

1. Cleaning and removing make-up

Start cleaning your face. A good cleaning is essential to remove sweat, sebum, and bacteria built up during the day or overnight.

The cleaning helps to remove the greasy film, which prevents the absorption of important active ingredients. Since water alone is not entirely sufficient to remove this greasy film, suitable cleaning products are available.

2. Toner and lotion

After cleansing your face, you can use a facial tonic, a so-called “toner” or face lotion, to remove the cleansing product’s residues. The toner helps prevent skin damage and inflammation (caused by skin that is too alkaline). Also, the toner soothes the skin and prepares it for the subsequent care steps. The intercellular spaces are also opened so that the products can better penetrate the skin.

3. Shape eyebrows

Whether by plucking with tweezers or shaping with wax, the brows’ natural basis is worked out. Your eyebrows are brought into an individual fitting and attractive shape. This follows after cleansing and face lotion and before any further steps.

4. Peeling

In addition to daily care, peelings can be used as a supplement once or twice a week. The dead skin cells are removed. This profoundly cleanses and massages the skin, which ensures better blood circulation. Used regularly, this leads to fresh and radiant skin.

5. Cleansing

The cleansing removes skin impurities by gently removing blackheads, milia, and comedones from the face and décolleté. Ideal for pimples and blemishes. Important: watch out to prevent inflammation. We recommend only having this done in a cosmetic institute.

6. Mask (about 1-2 times a week)

A face mask is an ideal way to do something good for your skin from time to time. Whether in summer or winter, the masks provide the skin with long-lasting moisture and valuable vitamins and minerals. At home or in the beauty salon, the face mask is a treat for everyone.

7. Facial massage

In the Asian region, a facial massage is part of every comprehensive facial treatment. The facial massage relieves tension, leaves your skin looking beautiful, counteracts the first wrinkles, and just feels sensational.

8. Care with face cream

At the end of the face care, the face cream is applied. The face cream aims to support the skin’s natural functions, protect it from harmful substances, and nourish it with moisture.

It is imperative that the skin quickly absorbs the cream because it often provides the basis for make-up (be careful with make-up if you have done the full facial treatment – ideally, if possible, do without for the rest of the day on make-up).

Note for skin over 50: As the skin elasticity at 50, due to hormonal changes, decreases, it needs special care and active ingredients to maintain its vitality.

2 tips for facial care

Lip care

Of course, the face also includes the lips, but these are often forgotten during care. But especially in winter, it is essential to supply them with fat, as the lip skin itself has no sebum glands and thus dries out quickly. Use lip balms with vegetable waxes and oils and care for your lips regularly. Wetting with the tongue should be avoided as far as possible, as this dries out the lips’ skin even more.


Of course, in addition to care, nutrition also plays a vital role in beautiful skin. So you should make sure you get enough vitamins. The best way to do this naturally is to eat enough seasonal fruits and vegetables. There are five servings of vegetables and fruits per day are recommended. Vegetables and fruits taste good and make you fit.

Vitamins A, C, and E support the skin exceptionally well. While vitamin C (especially vegetables) helps with the moisture balance, vitamins A (especially in dairy products, carrots, and fish) and E (especially whole-grain products, milk, vegetables) are primarily responsible for skin regeneration.

Movement / blood circulation

Whether it is winter or summer, sufficient exercise in the fresh air promotes blood circulation in the skin and strengthens your immune system—exercise recommendations.

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