8 Tips In Choosing wholesale Diamond Rings in Arlington, TX

8 Tips In Choosing wholesale Diamond Rings in Arlington, TX

Wholesale diamonds can also be a good choice when planning to buy diamonds since they are more affordable and yet of the same quality as the ones in retail stores. You can opt to visit stores near you for wholesale loose diamonds in Arlinton, TX and choose among them who offer what diamond you are looking for. Here are some 8 tips for choosing wholesale diamond rings in Arlington.

Know the 4cs of Diamond

When choosing your diamond always consider the 4cs which are: Color, carats, clarity, and cut. When choosing a color, colorless ones will be best but since they are rare you can opt to be nearly colorless since they are more affordable and still look colorless. For the carats, you should determine the cut and the shape since these two things determine the pricing of the diamonds. Choose a shape that your partner or customer wants, for instance, most women like their jewelry with their favorite shape in it. For clarity, flawless diamonds are rare, so those with inclusion that is not visible to the naked eye can be a good choice. As long as the inclusions are not too obvious and won’t affect the quality of your diamond then they are still good. The last C is the cut, choosing an excellent cut diamond can be ideal since this can make your diamonds more durable.


The setting of the engagement ring can determine how beautiful and how unique the ring would be. There are a lot of settings to choose from so be aware of what is trending and what most people want so you can choose a setting for the ring if you are planning to give it to someone or planning to sell it.


Choosing an ideal metal can affect the overall appearance and durability of your rings. Platinum will be the best choice since they are indeed hard and top choice when it comes to durability. Next from platinum would be gold, as they say, gold never gets old. Gold has been trending way back in the olden times until now when it comes to the jewelry industry. You can choose from yellow, white or rose gold. The third metal is silver, they are a good alternative for gold and platinum when it comes to affordability.


Once you have determined what kind of ring you want, learn to negotiate with your wholesale seller. The question would be: Can you negotiate with a diamond wholesaler? Yes, they are open for negotiation especially since they are in the wholesale industry. As long as they can see you know about diamonds they can give you a good price.

Compare Prices

When planning to buy diamonds, choosing several stores and comparing their prices is fine. Since you can see who can offer the best and who has competitive prices. However, take note to compare prices as well as the quality which means not all affordable ones are the best choice. Learn the prices in the wholesale diamond market so you can have a basis.

Know the Trend

Popular diamonds are more expensive, if you are planning to sell the diamonds you are buying then getting trendy ones is ideal. But if you are planning to keep them, choosing a less popular shape can save you some bucks and make your ring more unique.

Check For Certification

Wholesale or retailer diamonds should come with a certificate otherwise their authenticity is hard to prove. So make sure to buy from a wholesale diamond seller who has certifications for their diamonds. Ceritcafe can tell the properties of the diamond and it will be easier for you to know if they are indeed authentic.

Know the Return and Exchange Policy

Having knowledge of the return and exchange policy of the diamonds you are buying will secure you from future issues. So make sure to be able to get the details in their policies before buying the diamonds.

Follow these 8 tips in choosing wholesale diamond rings in Arlington and you will be able to get the ring that you desire or the proper ring to sell to your customers. Deal with wholesale sellers and you can get a big discount compared to when buying from retail stores.

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