8 Tips To Choose The Best EDC flashlight

8 Tips To Choose The Best EDC flashlight

What’s the best flashlight for everyday carry? What’s the difference between a low-end product and a quality flashlight? What are the most important factors one should consider when buying an EDC flashlight? I’m no expert but with over 20 years of outdoor adventure experience, I do have tips for buying the best EDC flashlight to share with you. In general, there are eight aspects to consider when choosing an EDC flashlight.

Battery Type

I’ve been using rechargeable flashlights since the 90s, the main reason for my choice is that rechargeable batteries can significantly reduce the carbon footprint, and they won’t end up in the landfill like those single-use batteries. In general, flashlights powered by rechargeable Li-ion batteries tend to deliver high lumen output due to their high capacity, but to be fair single, single-use batteries such as lithium and alkaline batteries have a longer shelf life. Some people prefer having a flashlight powered by disposable batteries as they are convenient to get, these choices are matters of personal preference.


Light output is measured by lumen, the higher the lumen the brighter the light. When choosing an EDC flashlight, you should first determine what scenarios you are going to use it. For searching your lost keys inside the car or walking dog in the evening, 50-100 lumen is good for most needs. Whereas for camping, as they need to provide 360° of floodlighting, you may need a flashlight with a lumen range between 200-400. Put simply, if you need a powerful flashlight, you should look for one with a bigger number of lumens.


Most of the EDC flashlights are lightweight and portable, that said, they still come in different sizes. The most popular type of EDC flashlights is around a palm-size, some are as compact as a keychain like the Wuben G1, weighing only 8g. Please bear in mind that the size and brightness level of the flashlight is closely related.

Color Rendering Index (CRI)

CRI is used for measuring the ability of a light source to accurately reproduce the true color of an object it illuminates; CRI allows you to predict how good the visual output of a flashlight is. The metric of CRI is between 0 and 100, and the higher number the higher the accuracy. Since most of the cheap flashlights have a low CRI, thus if color accuracy is one of your concerns, you should always get a quality one.

Water Resistance and Durability

Another factor to consider when getting the best EDC flashlight is resilience. I’m that you don’t want to reinvest on an EDC flashlight every couple of months, if you plan to use the flashlight a couple of times a week in an outdoor environment, you should consider getting a flashlight with a better waterproof and anti-resistance level.

Operational Easiness

What is your desired operation? Do you have a preferred interface? These are also the factors you need to determine when buying a flashlight. Quality flashlights usually feature mechanical switches as they won’t drain the battery when the flashlight isn’t in use. If a one-hand operation or tail-switch is your cup of tea, then you should check for these features when getting an EDC flashlight.

Intelligent Circuit

With a built-in intelligent circuit, a flashlight generates a constant current and stable beam, it helps create light with higher consistency. Some flashlights also feature an intelligent memory circuit that memorizes the last used brightness level and mode when the flashlight is turned on.


A warranty (or extended warranty) may be offered by a manufacturer or a retailer for free or at extra cost, warranty terms vary from one manufacturer to another. The most common mistake consumers make when buying a flashlight is overlooking the terms and conditions, therefore, it’s worth spending time on going through the warranty policy.

Final Thought

Though buying a flashlight is not like buying a car, as smart consumers, we should always check its specifications to ensure the selection comply with our preferences. I hope you find this article both useful and enjoyable to read, and able to find a cost-effective EDC flashlight.


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