9 Ways to Find the Perfect Gift for Your Girlfriend

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Is there anything better than knowing you nailed the gift you’re about to give someone? There’s anticipation and excitement as they open their present, and their eyes light up, and you know they love what is inside.

However, finding that kind of gift isn’t always as easy as it sounds.

Finding the perfect gift for your girlfriend can feel like a daunting task. With the many options available, you want to find something that she’ll love the second she opens the wrapping.

Have no fear; there are a few ways to pick out the perfect gift no matter what. Check out these nine ways to pick the perfect present every single time.

  1. Consider the Occasion

The first step to gift-giving is considering the occasion. Different events and occasions call for different kinds of gifts.

Valentine’s Day is obviously known as a romantic holiday for couples. So the perfect valentines gift might be something sentimental that represents your relationships.

Christmas and birthdays call for more personal gifts, sometimes even playful. You can gift a personalized cell phone case, insulator, mug, canvas, etc customize that according to the person.

How about something just because? Maybe you want to show your love and appreciation on a random Tuesday. This might be best reserved for small but thoughtful gifts.

  1. What Does She Want?

The next question you should ask is what does your girlfriend want? Has there been anything she’s had her eye on? A new pair of shoes, a new video game, or new art?

Getting her what she wants without her having to prompt you will get you major bonus points. So pay attention to the items she has her eyes on or anything she’s been mentioning she wants.

At the next gift-giving event, you’ll surprise and delight her with the perfect gift.

  1. What Does She Need?

Want to go a step above what she wants? Find out what she needs and give that as a gift. Not necessarily necessities like a toothbrush or toilet paper. We’re talking about reordering her skincare when she’s about the run out.

Or buying her new planters for the plants she just ordered. Has she mentioned she needs a new laptop case, running shoes, or hiking equipment? Use what she says she needs as a starting point of gifting.

  1. Use Her Interests

This may seem like an obvious piece of advice, but it still holds true. If she has an interest, pastime, or hobby, finding a gift in this niche will feel thoughtful and personal.

You can use her interests as a starting point and even create a full gift set. If she’s the artistic type that likes being creative, why not gift her a replenished supply?

Is your girlfriend into music? Why not find her a vinyl from her favorite band or a t-shirt from her favorite concert?

  1. Gift an Experience

The perfect gift for her doesn’t always have to be an item. Sometimes gifting an experience can be more sentimental and exciting than any physical item. This is especially true if it’s an experience you can do together.

How about a cooking class the two of you take together every other week? Or do something crazy and exciting like a skydiving lesson? Or perhaps the two of you need to get away, so you book a vacation full of lots of adventure.

An experience means memories shared between the two of you. And you can bond to create a deeper and stronger relationship.

  1. You Can Never Go Wrong with Jewelry

Jewelry is always a safe bet when it comes to finding gifts. However, you still have to be careful to pick out the right kind of pieces. Before choosing jewelry, take care to study the kind of pieces she already has.

Does she wear large and bold pieces or something more dainty? What colors does she gravitate too and does she like gemstones? How about the metal finish—gold, silver, or rose gold?

Being able to categorize the pieces she already wears will make finding new jewelry much easier. And it’ll increase the chances that she’ll love what you picked out.

  1. Listen Throughout the Year

Here’s a little tip to always find the right gift: listen. It may seem oversimplified, but if you train your ears to perk up and take note of what she says, you’ll find choosing gifts much easier.

Try keeping a list on your phone of things your girlfriend mentions. When she shows you something she likes or thought about buying, make a note of it.

So when it comes down to picking something out, you’ll have a list of the perfect gifts for her.

  1. Do a Little Stalking

To find the perfect gift, you might have to become a little bit of a private investigator. Do a little light stalking to find out what your girlfriend would potentially like as a gift.

Take a quick peek at her phone to see the kind of items she’s looking at. Ask her parents and her friends if she’s mentioned anything she likes to them. She’ll be surprised and delighted to receive something she’s had her eye on.

  1. Shop Where She Shops

Check out her favorite stores! Chances are, if she keeps going back, there’s something inside that she’ll love. If she hits up the makeup store every time you’re out, head back there alone to pick out a gift.

The same goes for book stores, music stores, clothing stores, and hobby stores. If she spends her own money there, she’ll probably love to receive a gift from her favorite store.

Finding the Perfect Gift for Your Girlfriend

Being a good gift-giver is a skill. And like any skill you can improve it with a little technique and some practice. So if you’ve found yourself having a hard time finding something for your girlfriend, use these nine tips.

With these tips, you’ll surely be led to the perfect gift for your girlfriend. And you can use this skill over and over again. Once you perfect the art of gift-giving, you will always impress your girlfriend.

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