9 Women’s T-Shirt Styles You Should Try

Have you heard of joy dressing? If not, you’re going to want to learn more about it. Unlike other fashion trends, joy dressing isn’t about what you wear but about how what you’re wearing makes you feel.

How can you embrace joy dressing in your day-to-day life? Do you need to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe? The answer is that you can dress for joy using some of the simplest pieces you probably already have: t-shirts.

The women’s t-shirt never goes out of style because it’s so incredibly versatile. If you don’t know what we mean or how you can breathe new life into the classic custom t-shirt, stick with us.

We’re here to talk about nine different styles of women’s t-shirts that will make you jump for joy!

1. The Classic White T-Shirt

There’s no better piece to build an outfit off of than the classic white t-shirt.

The white t-shirt paired with denim or leather has been cool for all of eternity, from James Dean and Bruce Springsteen to Lana Del Rey and Britney Spears. White t-shirts also provide a blank canvas for bold patterns and bright colors, which means that it’s time to break out your favorite maxi skirt or printed pants!

2. The Cropped T-Shirt

High-waisted pants and skirts can help to create a lovely silhouette on every body type. However, you don’t always want to have to stuff your top into your waistline. Cropped t-shirts are the perfect solution.

The best part? You don’t have to go out and buy a bunch of crop tops at the mall. Instead, you can just grab some of your old t-shirts, a pair of scissors, and go the DIY route.

3. The Open Sleeve T-Shirt

Is it still a t-shirt without the sleeves to create the “t” shape? We’ve decided that in this case, the answer is yes!

Do you have some old favorites that have perma-pit stains? Are you looking to put together some punk-meets-casual summertime looks? Cut the sleeves off some old t-shirts and, if you’re feeling cheeky, cut a few inches down the side seam and pair your open sleeve t-shirt with a cute bandeau.

4. The Vintage Graphic T-Shirt

Remember stealing your high school boyfriend’s t-shirt with that giant logo of his favorite band? Remember how that’s still stuffed somewhere in one of your dresser drawers? It’s time to break it out again.

Vintage graphic t-shirts are a great way to add some spunk to any outfit. Pair them with jeans for a casual look or create some contrast with a pleated skirt. Don’t worry if the graphic is fading or peeling–it adds to the vintage feel.

5. The Tied-at-the-Navel T-Shirt

Maybe you like the look of a crop top but you’re not quite ready to take a pair of scissors to your t-shirts. Maybe you prefer women’s fitted t-shirts and DIY crop tops are a little too loose for your liking. The tied-at-the-navel look is a perfect solution to both problems!

To create this look, you’ll need a shirt that doesn’t have a snug fit, to begin with. You’ll need some extra fabric to create the two sections that will create the knot. We recommend throwing on whatever bottoms you’re going to pair with your shirt, first, so that you can see how high your knot should go.

6. The Dressy T-Shirt

Have you ever noticed how some women seem to effortlessly pull off the vibe that says, I’m an adult but I also know how to have fun? Are you trying to figure out how to bring that vibe with you everywhere you go? If so, this is the look for you.

The idea, here, is that you’re dressing up a t-shirt while dressing down a suit. We recommend sticking with a white or solid-colored t-shirt for this one, although don’t be afraid to experiment. Grab a pantsuit (or a great pair of jeans and a blazer) and throw it on over your t-shirt, leaving the jacket unbuttoned to show off your t-shirt in all its glory.

7. The Embellished T-Shirt

The great thing about a classic women’s t-shirt is that it’s simple–but it doesn’t have to be. There are all sorts of great embellishments that can add visual and textural interest to a t-shirt.

From these incredible western-style pocket tee shirts to embroidered t-shirts and beyond, a little embellishment can go a long way.

8. The T-Shirt and Dress Combo

Not quite ready to put away those summer dresses as the temperatures drop and fall sets in? With this combination, you won’t have to.

Grab a simple t-shirt with fitted or capped sleeves and throw your favorite sundress on over it. The spaghetti straps over the t-shirt will provide a totally 90s vibe while also allowing you to wear those summer dresses for a few more weeks.

9. The Oversized T-Shirt

What is one of the best ways to dress for joy? Dress for comfort–without sacrificing style.

A cute pair of biker shorts or leggings will look great under a fun oversized t-shirt. If it’s oversized enough, you can even belt it and wear it as a dress! Let the fabric flow and your wardrobe glow with this loose and breezy look.

Which Women’s T-Shirt Styles Are Bringing You Joy This Season?

Are you ready to give joy dressing a shot? Do you want to breathe new life into your favorite wardrobe staples? Try some of our women’s t-shirt ideas and styles and spice up your outfits, from casual to dressy!

Looking for more fashion tips and tricks? Want to know what your favorite celebrities are wearing these days? Take a look around for the content you need to dress for joy every day.

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