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A Black Kitchen: 5 Unique Design Ideas

A Black Kitchen: 5 Unique Design Ideas

Contemporary homes have evolved a lot, unlike the earlier times. There are certain specific things when it comes to the colours of the interiors and the exteriors of the houses. When it comes to the kitchens of contemporary houses the inclusion of black colour is the new trend. While pairing the colour with cabinets and bench tops, the designs acquire a new standard for luxury.

There is a large number of interior designers in Australia who work towards inspirational designs. Their various colours and design methods along with the client customisations make it the best that any house can own. This article will provide a brief idea for various designs with the colour black.

Design: 1

In this design, beige and vanilla colours are combined to form the kitchen walls and surroundings. The cabinets and bench tops are given the colour with combinations of black vanettes which have copper leaves in them.

It gives the perfect colour balance of modern kitchens which has copperish highlights. The neutral backdrop is elevated with the help of some solid colours. Concerning the storage and the spaces, extra workspaces and pantries can be added to have luxury and practicality.

Design: 2

This design can bring a contemporary and stylish edge to a small industrial space. In this design, it gives the contrasting effect of some of nature and dark colours. This design uses the black colour for the things and sunlight to reflect on the proportion. Black colour can make things appear small and sufficient, whereas the high ceilings allow the natural light to create a feeling of space.

The kitchen’s pantry and study combinations would be likely hidden, and in this way, a more organised living can be emphasised.

Design: 3

This design mainly calls for spaces and movement in the kitchen. There will be two kitchen islands. In the first one, there would be an integration of cooktop and seating spaces. The second island will hold a bar fridge.

The cabinets can be given a black matte finish and pairing it with the natural light will add to the versatility. The flooring can be done with light timber ones, which will account for a cohesive and stylish finish.

Design: 4

This design is basically for those who look forward to optimising their budget. When the home is an investment property, the costs have to be kept minimum. So according to the budget, black melamine cabinets can be paired with an organic white backdrop. It can complete the look of a budget-friendly kitchen.

The look can also be paired with other rooms like the bathrooms and the laundry rooms. It would not only cut the costs but also give continuity to the rooms of the house.

Design: 5

Parting the textured surface and a timbered exterior can contribute heavily to the looks of a kitchen. The textured surface can be given a black matte finish for the cabinetry, with timber elements for the style.

One can even use the shades of grey along with the timber to not make it so monochromatic. It can even add texture and harmony to the end design of the kitchen.

The final look of this design depends on the integration of the appliances into the storage spaces. It can add to the sleek and contemporary look of the black kitchen.

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