A brief guide on how to do Broken Link Building effectively!

What Is Lead Generation in LinkedIn? How Does It Help With New Leads?

Rarely do we relate the word broken with something valuable. But when it comes to link building, the whole worth changes. Link Building, as we all know, is very vital to a website’s ranking. The poorer it is, the lower the ranking. Such is why giant conglomerates often opt for best link building services, PerfectLinkBuilding told. It helps them gain the competitive edge and thus attract customers in millions. This results in a huge revenue growth. But now every time a company holds the required budget and has to take the reins in its own hands. This is where several link building strategies come into play. One such effective strategy is Broken Link Building.

What actually is Broken Link Building at its core? And how does it work?

Broken Link Building in simplest terms!

Consider it like bringing old scrap phones into working conditions and using those phones then to call and create a network. When we write articles, we provide URLs (called outbound links) throughout it. At first they work gracefully. People click on those links and surf another relevant webpage. But as time passes, errors happen. This leads to these URLs breaking down and showing 404 errors. When people click on them, they see a dead end. Broken Link Building works on replacing these dead links and providing your own. Most companies look for best link building services and some others do it on their own. But how do you do it?

The right way of doing broken link building!

Broken link building is not complex, but it is tough. So if you do not have enough time to invest into it, invest some money to get quality backlinks like It can lead your company to a higher position in no time. Otherwise, here are the things that you need to do Broken Link Building beforehand.

  •         You’ll need time, plenty of it.
  •         You’ll need to buy a few software to do the research and analysis part.
  •         Good quality content to replace the content of the broken URL.
  •         And a creative mind that could make ways where there are none.

Now, once you have all these necessary things, it is time to start.

Steps to excel at Broken Link Building!

  1.   You first need to search for the keywords you are typing on a search engine.
  2.   Once you get some relevant results, click on those results. They are your competitors.
  3.   Copy the URLs of these websites and feed them to the analytical tools like Ahrf, Moz, etc.
  4.   Filter the result for URLs with 404 errors. These are then URLs that you need to replace.
  5.   Pick up these URLs one by one and feed them to the backlink tools like Ahrefs, Semrush, etc. Filter the result for all the inbound links. This will give you a list of websites for each broken URLs that are linking to it. Create a list of these websites.
  6.   Once you have a list of websites that you need to approach, it is time to create the replacement content. Make sure that the content you create is exceptional and to the point. Never compromise on the content quality.
  7.   It is now time to create an outreach email. Do not be too casual and do not be overly formal. Learn how to create an outreach email and approach one by one.
  8.   Wait for their responses. It might take anything from a day to a month or even a year.

Link Building in itself is very trickier. For this very reason people often hire the expertise of best link building services, PerfectLinkBuilding told us. The main purpose of a company stays to grow large in less time. So that when a company rises, it must make people awe about it. For a company that suffers financially, there are also options for tailored packages like – The purpose of a website is to outgrow its competitors. For this, it requires finance and time and expertise at all costs.

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