A Complete Guide to Instagram Filters for Your Photos

Want to make six figures on Instagram? You’re going to need at least 5,000 Instagram followers and over 300 sponsored posts to make $100,000 per year as an Instagram influencer.

First, let’s take a quick master class on one of the most important tools on Instagram: Instagram filters.

When you’re trying to put together an aesthetic and well-branded Instagram page, you’re going to need to start with high-quality photos. Then, you can make your photos even more enticing by choosing the right filters.

What should you know about Instagram filters? Read on to find out.

Using Premade Instagram Filters

To get started, we recommend reading over these Instagram tips for beginners that will help you take high-quality photos. It’s worth noting that usually, adding a filter to a low-res or blurry photo won’t make it look better. It may even make the image more difficult to discern.

Once you begin the process of uploading photos to Instagram, you can click on the Filter button beneath each image. This will pull up a list of premade Instagram filters you can apply to your photos.

Keep in mind that just because Instagram made them all doesn’t mean that they’re all good. The subtle filters, such as Clarendon, and the “vintage” filters, such as Gingham, are the safer bets. Filters that add too much of one tone, like the sepia-heavy X Pro II, tend to make your photos look outdated–and not in a trendy way.

Creating Your Own Filtered Effect

Not finding what you want in the premade filter list? Boost your Instagram likes with great photos you’ve edited, yourself.

Next to the Filter button, you’ll find an Edit button that opens up a number of options. When you click the Edit button, you can start playing with everything from saturation (how vibrant the colors are) to warmth (how much the reddish tones stand out compared to the blue tones).

Once again, subtlety is key. While heavy saturation may have been hip in 2009, Instagram users tend to favor photos that appear either crisp and natural or cool and slightly washed out.

Making Sure Your Filters Remain On-Brand

The most important thing about using Instagram filters is that they align with your brand or aesthetic. You want your photos to attract attention individually while still looking cohesive as a grid. For example, if you tend to lower the warmth of your photos for cooler tones, you don’t want to suddenly raise the warmth for a single post.

Use Filters to Liven Up Your Instagram Feed 

Are you trying to figure out how to crack the code to make money on Instagram? If so, you’re going to want to start by mastering individual skills that will make your Instagram content stand out. Instagram filters are a great way to liven up your Instagram feed–but using them poorly can put a real damper on your progress.

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