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How to protect devices from cybercriminals? How to make sure that your personal and sensitive information is under the lock? Follow the basic rules of cyber hygiene, and there will be nothing that you put at risk.

#1 – Use Device Tracking Software

The easiest way to know the exact location of your device is to use a mobile number tracker online free with location for this purpose. Thus, you will always know what’s happening to a target device and what its current location is, which is extremely important for ensuring 100% data safety.

mobile number tracker online free with location

#2 – Use Antivirus Software

Install anti-virus software on every gadget you use. In this case, scammers will not be able to access data on your device even if you click on a malicious link. The main thing is not to forget to update your security systems.

#3 – Keep Your System up to Date

Attackers are always looking for vulnerabilities in software and applications. That’s why manufacturers regularly release updates and strengthen antivirus protection. Therefore, it is important to always use the latest version of the software. In the settings of your gadget, find the automatic update function and enable it. Hacking an upgraded device is much more difficult.

#4 – Download Only Trusted Apps

Download apps from trusted sources. For example, for phones and tablets based on iOS, resort to the AppStore; for Android devices, install software from Google Play. Before downloading any app, read the comments of other users on the specialized forums in order to know in advance about the possible risks of using the program. And also make sure that it is actively updated by the developer; the date of the last changes is usually indicated in the official stores.

#5 – Don’t Install Apps at the Request of Strangers

Malicious apps are not the only threat. Sometimes scammers use legal remote access software to control the device on your behalf. With the help of remote access programs, criminals can read SMS from a bank with secret codes and passwords, enter your online bank, transfer money, or arrange a loan on your behalf.

#6 – Explore Your Privacy Settings

When installing applications, pay special attention to the privacy settings. Is it really so necessary to share your contact list or geolocation with the program? Enable access only if it’s really necessary: ​​for example, the location is needed for the taxi application, but it is hardly important for the calendar of tasks. If you are not satisfied with the access rights requirements, please choose another application.

#7 – Set Strong Passwords

The password must be at least eight characters long, numbers, uppercase and lowercase letters, special characters should be a part of it. It is best not to use popular words and common abbreviations. No dates of birth, names, or surnames. Passwords should be different for each account. If possible, set up double identification. Thus, in addition to entering a password, the system will each time ask for confirmation of entry using a code that instantly comes in an SMS or push notification, or as a link to your email address.

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