A Quick Guide to Finding Wholesale Bread Distributors for Your Food Business

A Quick Guide to Finding Wholesale Bread Distributors for Your Food Business

Australians love bread. In fact, according to a report by Inside FMCG, bread is one food item that Aussies eat on a frequent basis, with more than 10 million grocery buyers purchasing such a product every week. And, the number is still growing year after year.

So, when you are starting up a restaurant, grocery store, or any other type of food business, then you should not forget to include bread as one of your main products.

With that in mind, it is important to partner with wholesale bread distributors whom you can trust to supply you with the best quality products. But how do you know which bakery to affiliate with?

Factors to Consider When Assessing a Whole Bakery Supplier

There are many wholesale bakeries that would offer to supply you with baked items for your business. However, you should know that not all of them are equal. Here are important things to keep an eye out for during your search.


This is, perhaps, the most important thing to consider when looking for a wholesale bread supplier. After all, the quality of the products you sell can make or break your business as you start.

So, when assessing a wholesale bakery Adelaide has to offer, for example, do not forget to conduct a taste test. If their bread has the flavour that most Aussies would love, then they should be a great option. The ingredients play an important role in achieving the best taste and texture for their products.

The freshness of the bread and baked items you sell is also important, so see to it that the supplier you choose has been known for providing fresh products.

Variety of Products

Product variety can help attract customers to your store or restaurant, so you should try to sell as many types of bread and baked items as possible in order to maximise sales. Create a list of the products you want to sell and check if your chosen supplier can provide them to you.

Having a single supplier for your bread items is also more cost-effective than sourcing your products from multiple bakeries.


As a start-up, of course, you have a set budget that you should stick to. While this is good to keep your operations on track, you should not compromise quality over price.

When it comes to bread, you should make sure that it is always good. While great bread could cost a little more, it is always worth the extra expense considering how it positively drives your sales.

Customer Service

Like any other business your establishment partners with, your wholesale loaf and bread supplier should offer exceptional customer service. They should be able to tend to your questions and needs when placing orders. They should also have a streamlined and transparent delivery process to avoid delays that can definitely hurt your business.

Dedication to Work

First-rate bakers give plenty of attention to every product they make, placing a tremendous amount of focus and care on everything, from the smallest ingredients to the toppers.

You will know how dedicated they are to their business by dropping by their shop and observing how they work.  

Finding a Wholesale Bread Supplier 

As previously mentioned, many wholesale bread distributors will turn up during your search. However, there are steps that you can take to find the right supplier for your business.

  1. Be specific with your search.

Though you are searching for wholesale bread suppliers, you should still be specific with your search. So, aside from just searching “wholesale bakery supplies Sydney“, for example, you can add in some particular keywords, such as “loaf” or “cake”, considering that you will be selling more of these products in your store. This will give you an exclusive list of suppliers for these products in your area.

  1. Attend trades shows.

Baker trade shows, or sometimes known as bake sales, are one of the best ways to know suppliers and grow your network, which will be pretty useful in starting your business. After all, these events are created to allow retail businesses to connect with manufacturers and distributors.

Attending these events also eliminate the misinformation or the difficulty in communication that might arise during an online search.

  1. Subscribe to relevant trade publications.

Magazines are also a great source of information on the best wholesale bread distributors to partner with. Here, you will find dozens of suppliers who are looking to reach you, so there will always be one that will catch your attention.

  1. Visit forums and read reviews.

Industry forums are a great avenue to gather ideas on whether or not a distributor could provide quality products and excellent service. On a similar note, you can visit review sites, where you can find comments and feedback from existing and previous clients on the potential supplier you are considering.   

Taking these steps will definitely point you to the best bakery suppliers in your location.     


Choosing the right wholesale bread distributors can be tricky. However, by knowing what to look for in the products you want to sell in your restaurant, grocery, or food business, as well as arming yourself with information, you will be good on your way to finding the right partner. While they take care of supplying the best products, you will have more time for what is most important to you—running your business.

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