A Simple Guide on How to Clean AirPods

A Simple Guide on How to Clean AirPods

Airpods are not cheap. That’s why properly taking care of them is essential! Because of their small built, they can attract dirt, ear wax, and dust.

Knowing how to clean AirPods will extend their life and make them more hygienic. Keep reading to learn more about ways to clean AirPods.

How Do Airpods Get Dirty?

Airpods can get dirty in numerous ways. Many times the owners will place their AirPods in their pockets and on dirty table surfaces. This can damage your AirPods over time because of the tiny particles that go inside the crevices.

Even placing the Airpods in their case can cause them to get dirty because the case itself is not entirely clean. That’s why it’s essential to also know how to clean the AirPod case.

How to Clean Airpods

Cleaning your Airpods has multiple methods. However, there are specific methods that are better for each Airpod type.

Airpod generation one and Airpods Pro are the most popular kinds of Bluetooth earbuds. However, you should know how to clean your AirPods based on their generation. Keep reading to learn more!

Generation One

The first generation of AirPods has a small case and small earbud design. You can start by cleaning the mesh with a q-tip. The mesh is the sound opening of the earbud.

It’s essential to know how to clean AirPods mesh because it attracts the most earwax. You can clean the mesh by using a q-tip with a few drops of alcohol.

Once the q-tip comes out clear, start cleaning the body of the earbud. The best way to clean the body is with a slightly dampened microfiber cloth.

You can also use a q-tip to clean the whole earbud. You can sanitize the area by spraying alcohol directly onto the q-tip. The alcohol will not only sanitize the earbud but remove stubborn grime.

It would also help if you cleaned the case to prevent the Airpod from getting dirty again. You can clean the case the same way you clean the Airpod. A q-tip or lightly damped microfiber cloth will work perfectly fine!

Airpod Pros

Airpod pros are slightly different than the first generation. They have a silicone covering that goes directly into your ear. This silicon part gets very dirty but can be removed and cleaned separately.

Once you remove the silicone covering, take a q-tip that’s been soaked in alcohol and remove the dirt. Before you put the silicon covering back on, clean the body of the Airpod with a damp fiber cloth.

All of these methods are great ways to clean your Airpods. However, if your AirPods become too weathered, you can always resell them and buy a new or used pair. Websites like are great for buying and reselling Airpods.

Final Results

Knowing how to clean AirPods is great for hygiene and appearance purposes. Not to mention, clean Airpods maximize the sound quality!

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