A Step-by-Step Guide to Waxing

When considering hair removal, there is nothing quite like waxing. Waxing removes the entire hair follicle and its roots with each treatment, reducing hair growth. Waxing is great for those looking for a long-term solution and planning on wearing shorts shortly; the average time between waxes is four weeks, and it can take up to six weeks for the hair to become coarse enough to reappear (and be visible above the skin).

With such consideration, we have linked here the 5 step by step guides that will help you do smooth waxing efficiently.

1.    Prepare the skin and treat any ingrown hairs.

Suppose you’ve recently done any work on your bikini areas, such as shaving or plucking. Your first step should be to disinfect using rubbing alcohol (this is especially important if you use a razor). If there are no open wounds, don’t worry about this step. Then apply a light coat of lotion, such as plain petrolatum or petroleum jelly, and let it soak in for a few minutes. This will soothe the skin and prevent unnecessary irritation.

2.    Apply your wax and cloth strip.

Depending on the type of wax you’re using, you’ll either need to melt it first (using a double boiler or a wax warmer) and apply it hot, or you’ll need to blend the powder with a little bit of liquid before applying. In general, follow the instructions that come with your wax kit for this part.

Next, spread the wax in a thin layer from one end of your desired treatment area (usually an “inch strip”) to the other.

3.    Par-tay!

Now that you’ve successfully applied your wax, you’re ready to remove it. Press the cloth strip against the waxed area and let it sit for a few seconds before quickly pulling away in that same direction as hair growth. If some hairs remain after the first pass with the cloth, do not re-apply any wax. Instead, use a pair of tweezers to grip the hair and pull it back slowly in the direction of hair growth.

4.    Finish up with a cool rinse.

Remember when I said earlier that there was nothing quite like waxing? Well, here’s why: If you’re using this method for the first time or have been neglecting your bikini area’s upkeep for a while, you’re going to be greeted by the sight of little bits of wax and patches of hair that didn’t come off during your first pass. Consider it normal, and no need to freak out! Just grab a cotton ball soaked in cold water and hold it on any stuck-on bits of remaining hairs for 10 seconds.

5.    Repeat in four weeks!

The average woman needs to repeat this process every four weeks. However, if you’ve been waxing for a while and your hair is growing back more quickly than usual (or is even growing back in a different direction), you might want to see if switching your waxing product will help. For example, some people have better results with strip wax instead of the harder, more sticky.

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