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Adding character to a kitchen through floor tiles

Adding character to a kitchen through floor tiles

When you decide to give a facelift to any part of the house, it becomes convenient to imagine the place in its entirety. You can form mental images of what you would put where to get the desired look.  Suppose you plan to decorate your old kitchen. It can be a small fifteen by fifteen-foot space. You can wish to converge modern and traditional elements using bold colors that remind of the initial days of the 1900s architecture. You can think of adding extra space, such as a walk-in pantry, which again is lovely. From there, you can go to the choice of the peninsula.

A 7½-by-four-foot peninsula can look ideal when it comes to dining or entertaining guests. Plus, you can visualize its interior design with a kitchen farm sink to revive a touch of heritage. You can also think about using the full nine-foot height of the ceilings through vertical storage. You may want to keep cabinets white and equip them with glass doors for better lighting conditions.

Like this, it can be easy to explore an idea on a broad canvas. However, if you desire to give your kitchen a real makeover, you need to pay close attention to every detail. It will be time-consuming. But once you get involved, you can enjoy the experience. In that context, how about starting with kitchen floor tiles? Flooring can be one of the significant kitchen highlights. Getting it right may not be challenging; however, the abundant choices can confuse anyone easily. Here are some suggestions to help you in this specific area. If you want to learn about kitchen and cooking accessories, check out cookwared.

Diverse types of tiles – Materials, patterns, textures, and more


Are you planning an industrial-style kitchen? It would be best if you had a statement tile to enhance this theme, and that can be a checkerboard. A little goofed-up alignment will lend it a unique touch, making it more realistic and relatable. So, if you want to do away with a polished look, it can be your best bet.

Concrete tiles

In a coastal theme kitchen, anything with natural texture can be a super addition. When you think about this, your attention can drift to stained concrete tiles. Their durability and natural feel are difficult to ignore. Plus, it is a perfect option in a home with kids and pets. It can bear all the tantrums without giving up too soon.

Wood and tile

No matter how you decorate your kitchen, you can infuse a few eccentric elements to make the ambiance fun, surprising, and sexy. Do you wonder how to get this look? Mix wood planks with mosaic tiles. Tiles can be hexagonal.

Terrazzo tiles

If you wish to impart a feminine touch to your flooring, go with terrazzo tiles to indulge in some graphic love. It can complement your white subway tile beautifully. It is also easy to maintain. You can refinish it multiple times. Hence, with this again, you can have a long association.

Wood tone tiles

Many people don’t want to have a hardwood floor in the kitchen for its maintenance requirements. Plus, it can a bit noisy compared to others. If you also have the same issues with this choice, you can dump it for tiles in wood tones to enjoy the warmth of wood material. Arranging them in a hardwood pattern can help you enjoy a similar charm. And the funny thing is you can get it for a lot less money. Then, cleaning it up is also not a headache.

Do you wonder if a kitchen with already lots of wood can look inviting with tiles mimicking the wood feel? Well, you can pick concrete tiles in the same wood hue as the cabinets and island to experience the magical transformation. To break the monotony, you can use patterns a bit, though.


You may want to give your kitchen a relaxed and worn-out look. For this, you can use terracotta tiles. It can be perfect for your farmhouse kitchen theme as you witness a ranch-like feel. Besides, the hexagonal pattern can elevate its beauty even more.

Colorful tiles

Many homeowners don’t mind having a touch of old-world charm in their kitchen. And for them, colored ceramic floor tiles can be the most accessible material to revive it. If you believe your cabinets and backsplash are too dull, you don’t have to worry about them. The colorful ceramic tiles can eliminate tired looks.

White tiles

White can be simple, but it does not have to look dull. Then, it can make a place for itself in specific decors without a miss. If you don’t believe this, imagine a kitchen with colorful shutters and backsplash. You can balance its energy by adding basic white floor tiles for a classic indulgence.

From this, you may have got an idea of what magic your flooring can create in a kitchen with the right selection of tiles. No matter what theme you have in mind for it, you can complement or enhance its overall appearance with the tiles of your choice. From classic to fun to eclectic to farmhouse, you can use them to stand up to any interior décor. And if you have budget constraints, you can make your choice accordingly to avoid high costs. Besides, some tiles don’t require intense maintenance. For a multitasking person like you, those can be even more sensible options. If you’re still unsure about which type of tiles are perfect for your kitchen, you can consult with the professionals from auburn tile flooring.

To be precise, you have to decide what you want to see in your kitchen that must remain active and clean almost throughout the day. The varieties are many. That’s why you can find it a little overwhelming. However, you don’t need to stress about it. You can discuss your ideas with interior experts to help them understand your likes and dislikes. They can recommend something better and highly suitable for your need.  But it would help if you reminded yourself that it is only one feature—a busy place like kitchen houses various details, most of which serve both aesthetic and functional roles. Therefore, you have to be conscious about what you decide to have a smooth cooking experience.

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