All features of HUAWEI matepad t 8

All features of HUAWEI matepad t 8

We are going to take a look at the HUAWEI matepad t 8 which is very affordable. This tablet is good for watching media content or reading some online content like articles, novels, or stories, etc.

This tablet is also good for students especially in this critical situation like covid 19 due to which all schools were closed and students took their classes from home. So in a situation like that HUAWEI matepad t 8 is the best option because it contains a large battery through which you can take back-to-back classes.


The HUAWEI matepad t 8 has curved plastic sides and metal back cover that adds a touch of quality and rigidity to the overall feel of this tablet. Currently, it only has one color option which is deep sea blue and that looks amazing.

On the top side, there is a headphone jack and speaker grille. On the left, it contains a card slot for the sim card and microSD card. The sim card slot is LTE capable which means that you will have the option to use this tablet outside and not just rely on Wifi for network connection.

You can use the HUAWEI matepad t 8 as a secondary phone if you like. On the other side, it contains a microphone, volume keys, and a power button. On the bottom lies the micro USB port.

Weight and dimensions

The weight of the HUAWEI matepad t 8 is only 310 g. it means that this tablet is pretty lightweight and easily portable. The width and height of the tablet are 121.1 mm and 119.7 mm respectively.

Some pre-installed Software

There are some pre-installed apps in HUAWEI matepad t 8 and definitely, you can download and install new apps too. Optimizer tool, settings, camera videos, email where you can add email accounts, browser, and media gallery. Apart from these, we have some other pre-installed apps like phone contact, messaging, and the Huawei kids corner app that also comes pre-installed.


The display is 8 inches long with 1280×800 resolution and has 189 PPI. The video looks sharp and crisp, the colors look accurate, and the viewing angle is pretty decent. You will not notice any color shifting when viewing from different angles.

The bigger screen real safe is also great for reading online content like ebooks and online modules for students.


HUAWEI matepad t 8 contains a 2-megapixel camera at the top bezel. Which is enough for conference calls or face-to-face sessions. At the back, there is a single 5-megapixel main camera. The main camera can shoot 1080p at up to 30 frames per second. And the front or selfie camera can record 720p.

Other specification

HUAWEI matepad t 8 contains an octa-core processor immediate tech MTK 8768. A chipset has a power v RG e 8320 GPU and is paired with 2 gigabytes of RAM. There are 32 gigabytes of internal storage and that’s expandable up to 512 gigabytes via microSD.

The tablet also has a 5100 mA battery that it can provide 12 hours of video playback on a single charge.

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