All the features you will get from Huawei Watch

All the features you will get from Huawei Watch

Welcome to another blurb in which we will make you understand how to buy the watch as per your need. Find it really amazing how much we all kind of rely on smart watches now I remember when the first smart watches really started to gain traction I think you know with the apple watch that was kind of really i guess the spark and when they first came out I thought why do I want this thing on my wrist all the time but there’s a lot of features on smart watches that I really appreciate.

Easy to Use

One big thing would be notifications being able to get you know email and text alerts on your phone so that you don’t always have to drag your phone out of your pocket or your laptop bag to check what’s going on so we had a chance to try out a cool watch from huawei. They sent us the huawei watch 3 and i really like what they’ve done with some of the things that I need in a smart watch.


In general when you buy the watch of huawei brand you will realize it’s a little different than the apple watch it’s got the round bezel you can get multiple different watch faces as well which is a great feature so you can really kind of customize the look and feel this particular one came with a brown gray strap it’s using a 22 millimeter strap so you can actually change you know to whatever color or style that you want the case itself pretty strong apparently they’re using a titanium case on here and sapphire glass so this thing is meant to be able to withstand a bit of a beating while you’re out on the go and we’ve got the two buttons on the side that basically control a lot of the features.


The screen itself is a really bright crisp amoled screen and from using it I found it you know obviously worked really well in dark conditions but also out in sunlight as well so inside the watch Huawei’s using their own Kirin A1 chip I don’t really have anything to benchmark that against other than just using the watch so it seemed very responsive through all the features I was using and all the menus i was going through.

Built in features

There’s also four gigabytes of storage on board so why do you care well if you want to store music on the watch itself and not have to take your phone with you. you can store up to around 500 songs which you know it’s kind of cool if you’re a jogger and don’t want that extra weight of the phone in your pocket so a big reason to buy the watch is a lot of people are looking at wearable’s like smart watches is the whole health and fitness aspect.

My Opinion

you want to make sure that it’s got that durability factor as well so overall there’s a lot of choices out there make sure you do go with the brand that has been around for a while and that is into technology and just find one that looks good and has some of the features that you’re looking for.

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