An easy guide to 5 types of hair extension methods

An easy guide to 5 types of hair extension methods

Hair extensions are great for achieving this extra volume and length in your natural locks, but there is a lot of work involved before reaching this stage.  Beginners may not know this, but there are different ways to grow hair.

There are usually a variety of different ways to apply extensions simply because some people find one procedure easier than others and feel more inclined to get that type.  If you have tried one method of hair extensions and are unhappy with the results, it may be best to try a different method.

Tape hair extensions

Tape or tape in hair extensions are some popular ways to get hair extensions when you apply them through a professional.  It can usually take time to get used to when you are putting them on your own because third person vision is needed to make sure the tape is safe from your hair and found without interruption.  ۔

When fully applied, tape hair extensions look unnatural and feel comfortable to wear throughout the day, as long as no sweat is involved.  It can also be relatively easy to style, curl and store for multiple uses.

Clip in hair extensions

Clip-in hair extensions are also infamous and suitable for newcomers who are just starting to wear hair extensions.  The extension consists of a wave attached to a clip.  This slap usually covers a layer of your hair.

Because clip-in hair extensions are basically thin, they are as temporary as the hair pieces.  Applying and removing them as you wish is one thing.  Adjust and use too much at once for extra thickness in your natural hair.

Micro color hair extensions

Micro color or micro bead hair extensions can provide a great result, but they are complex and require the right set of hands.  These hair extensions are attached to a small silicone bead or metal ring that requires separate tools to install your natural hair.

Going through that, though, micro-colored hair extensions can last a really long time.  Expect them to be unloaded at least a month or two in advance.  The removal process also requires the help of some professionals to minimize hair loss.

Making hair extensions

Hair extensions or hair extensions are an interesting type of hair extensions that help with hairstyles.  To grow curly hair, you need to wrap the hair in your natural hair, which is the dream of textured hair.

It can look great with vibrant or pastel colors that stand out from your regular neutral colored hair.  You can experiment with different styles, such as box breads, carnations and more.  Exs are expected to maintain these extensions and styles for about a month.

Fusion hair extensions

Fusion or pre-bonded hair extensions are a special method because they need hot glue to stick to your natural hair and hair extensions.  Unlike some hair extensions, the use of fusion hair extensions requires a lot of commitment and care.

Talk to a hair professional about getting a fusion extension and how long the service can take for them.  Many people are furious about getting them because they can affect your natural hair in the long run, even when they are removed after a few months.


Being aware of these different ways to grow hair can help you decide what you want to do or what you will do with your hair type.  Application can be a difficult task, but it can make such a difference to your regular hair.

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