Android powered Nokia Normandy smartphone leaks; Could this be Nokia’s comeback?

Android powered Nokia Normandy smartphone leaks; Could this be Nokia’s comeback?Android powered Nokia Normandy smartphone leaks; Could this be Noki’ comeback

If we go back in time, Nokia was the leading mobile manufacturer all around the world and was considered to be invincible apparently. It was in 2008 when it stated to seem that Nokia might not really be that tough and it’s time as top manufacturer was about to  end. Google’s new project “Android” was known by few while iOS powered iPhones gained massive popularity quickly. AT that time nobody knew what was coming ahead and how the smartphone market was about to take a serious turn.

When Microsoft noticed that its Mobile Windows OS was losing its significance against new projects Android and iOS, it launched new update which was thought to be compensation of previous mistakes and it would give a ข่าว Esports to iOS and Android. Nokia and Microsoft joined hands and started manufacturing Windows smartphones. Now we do not need to tell that how well did it go. Android and iOS are the top mobile OS’s of today and are powering major number of smartphones that exist on earth. iOS is just for iPhones and no other mobile manufacturer can use it. That is why there has been no major improvement or innovation in iOS powered iPhones. Today iPhones’ UI is very similar to the very first iPhone.

Android being Open Source project has proven to be a great success. The only OS that has given a tough competition to iOS is Android. The only reason behind the success of Android is that all major mobile manufacturers have adopted it and themed it in their own specific ways. Samsung is what we can say the biggest contributor of Android OS and has benefited alot from Android OS itself. Today Samsung is the top  mobile manufacturer and enjoying the good time it’s having. Despite the cheap plastic they use in their smartphones, many consumers are attracted to Samsung smartphones because of extremely affordable prices in all price-ranges.

Other companies like HTC and Sony have learned alot from Samsung and seem to be improving their profit margins. Many times I am asked whether Nokia will again be as famous as it once was? Will it get back its market share? Well, honestly, at current rate it does not seem like Nokia will ever comeback to its previous position. Nokia Lumia series is one of the best and its UI and speed are really amazing. The camera on Lumia 1020 is teh best; without doubt! But what’s Nokia missing is the applications. It is apparent that most of us have moved to Android or iOS only because of the vast number of useful and fun apps they offer their users. App Store and Google Play Store are world’s largest app markets today with highest number of active users. Also, all new apps are only released to iOS and Android first. If you search for all the apps in your Android device or on iPhone in Windows market, there is a chance that you won’t find 80% of them.

It is highly possible that Windows ap market might grow in future but keeping in view its current market share, not many app developers are interested in making apps for Windows smartphones. Recently, the rumoured Android powered entry level smartphone called Nokia Normandy has made an appearance on Vietnamese retailer’s website. It says that it will have all Google services and running latest Android 4.4 KitKat OS out of the box.

Further specification include a 5 MP shooter at back, a Dual Core processor clocked at 1 GHz and 4.0 inches FWVGA display panel. These are not the kind of specifications we expect from a highly anticipated smartphone. However, if these rumours really turn out  to be true, who knows what the outcome will be.  Nokia has once led the smartphones market because of its solid looks and capable hardware.

We cannot believe these rumours to be true (However we hope that these are true) when we know that Microsoft has already bought Nokia. Whether Nokia launches an Android powered smartphone or not, is yet unclear. Even if it does, who knows how well it will compete against other Android smartphones manufacturers like Samsung, Sony and HTC. They have already adopted Android OS very well. We expect that even if Nokia launched Android powered smartphone, it might face a tough time in the start.

Another very interesting leak for Nokia Normandy or Nokia X is this picture by @evleaks, which shows different colors of the upcoming smartphone. Once it was thought that Nokia Normandy is a dead project but @evleaks has pointed out that it might be too soon to say so.

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