Are Breitling Watches Worth Your Money? Here Are 10 Reasons Why It Is!

Are Breitling Watches Worth Your Money? Here Are 10 Reasons Why It Is!

Though every watch would indeed tell you the same ‘time’ because it is what it is supposed to do, not every piece is made the same way. Others are just made to be exceptional. Most of the luxury watches, as we would often call them, have a background of a century of rich watchmaking history. It is truly a tradition that meets the innovation era for such timepieces.

You can be guaranteed only the premium materials with intricate details and the design of each piece is an output of collaborative labor of only some of the best-skilled workers in the watchmaking industry, together with the use of the latest technology. One brand that has established a name specifically in chronographs is the Breitling. And so, we will discuss, in an overview, what makes a luxury brand like Breitling, on top of their games.

Let us tackle each one by one.

1. The Movement

Approximately only five percent of watches in Switzerland are chronometer-certified, and Breitling being one of them. To qualify, a watch movement should pass a series of rigorous examinations including a mean daily variation of less than 4-6 seconds that is equivalent to a 99.99% degree of accuracy.

2. The Case

Breitling only uses top-quality metal cases to ensure extensive protection against possible intensive impacts to the watch. Particularly, it makes use of 316L antimagnetic stainless steel alloy or grade 2 titanium, while also guaranteeing the high-end aesthetic appeal of the watch’s overall look.

3. The Dial

The dials of every Breitling chronograph undergo meticulous processes to allow optimal read-off from its users. It requires expertise in cutting-edge production methods that both require traditional skills with the aid of modern technology.

4. The Hands

Making the hands calls for meticulous care and precision in every operation. Machine tolerances should be minimal while ensuring proper handling. The tube to which the hand will be fixed is machined from long brass bars using computerized numerically controlled machines. It is then drilled in a ±2 micron precision, equivalent to 1/30th of a hair’s thickness.

5. The Crystal

Every Breitling watch is equipped with sapphire crystals – the second hardest stone on earth, next to diamond. This guarantees the sturdiness and readability of every piece in any circumstance, with a glare-proof feature that implies expertise and advanced machine equipment use.

6. The Bracelets

All Breitling bracelets are assured of robustness, comfort to the wrist, high-end aesthetic, and top-quality materials, to enable these to withstand forces of pulling and twisting, in which they are likely to be exposed daily. Each bracelet is fitted to a stamped clasp and end piece that strengthens the overall sturdiness of the timepiece.

7. The Casing Up

The hand, the dial, and the movement of the watch are all firmly fitted inside the case as the efficiency of it also depends on the quality of air where everything is cased up. To ensure everything is in optimal condition and every piece will be at its best functions, Breitling has equipped its facility with a high-end system that enables constant and regular monitoring of the humidity and temperature rate in each working area.

8. The Quality Control

To guarantee that each timepiece that Breitling produces is of the highest quality and meets or even exceeds given parameters in every aspect, a Breitling chronometer undergoes no less than 1,000 test controls in its whole production process. Each part goes through a series of tests that are followed by quality control to also ensure that the brand stands firm on the reputation it has built for its name.

9. The Research and Development

Throughout the years Breitling has been in the watchmaking industry, it has always been invested in the pursuit of innovations in technicalities both in the watch movement and exteriors of the timepiece. It has its Research and Development unit composed of the finest specialists. Engineers test the smooth transitions of the rotating bezel and chronograph push-pieces to ensure they can withstand being pressed more than 15,000 times!

10. The Customer Service

To safeguard the performance and reliability of every timepiece, in the long run, it still needs to be maintained regularly and professionally. Breitling considers its customer service as an integral part of its overall branding in producing only the best product and service to its customers. The brand has a global network of authorized centers staffed by trained watchmakers. This enables Breitling to give fast, reliable, and even personalized services wherever the customers may be.

In A Nutshell

High-end watches such as Breitling are more than just about the price as we may have perceived them to be. Behind every piece are the pursuit of constant innovations and study, use of only top-quality materials, rigorous procedures to meet only the best quality, years of skills and expertise, and dedication to providing a quality service. The significance of each part and aspect cannot be emphasized enough, no wonder such an industry can only be seen thriving even in the coming years.


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