Are Truck Accidents More Likely to Occur than a Car Accident?

Some Drivers Know Nothing About Their Cars

A car accident is a shocking experience that can traumatize many drivers, leaving them with permanent mental and physical damage. But a collision with a large vehicle, which is more likely to happen due to many different factors, can have even more devastating consequences. 

Finding yourself in a truck accident is an even worse occurrence, as the impact resulting from this type of collision ends up in a fatality more often than not. Surviving is possible, but there’s a high probability that irreversible and life-altering injuries will occur. If a truck driver was negligent or decided to hurt you on purpose, you’re entitled to full compensation according to personal injury law. This is why you need a lawyer for Truck Accident Settlements and Verdicts.

The recovery process is going to be a long one, so receiving the money you deserve while you’ll be unable to work can make a world of difference, as you’ll need to pay for all current and future medical expenses. There’s also a high probability that your vehicle was completely destroyed, and seeking justice will allow you to have the money necessary to buy another one as soon as possible. After all, what happened wasn’t your fault, so you don’t have to pay for someone else’s mistake out of your own pockets. Don’t forget to get in touch with truck accident attorneys so you can focus on your recovery while they focus on your case.

A Different Structure

Driving a truck is considerably more difficult than driving a car. Its structure is different, as the main objective of this vehicle is to carry a large amount of products across many miles. Because it’s taller and larger, it has many blind spots that can potentially cause an accident. A truck driver needs to exercise more than a reasonable amount of caution if he wants to avoid hitting every vehicle around him. 

Due to the fact that they’re so long and heavy, they end up being incredibly difficult to maneuver. Completing a turn is a harder task when much more space is required compared to a standard vehicle used for transportation. Keeping a safe distance from it is necessary, as a driver would be unable to suddenly stop or make a quick turn to dodge an incoming vehicle. Driving too close to a truck can also hurt your claim, as you’ll be considered partly at fault because of the fact that you didn’t consider its blind spots. 


When you’re late, you tend to drive faster and more recklessly because you’re trying to recover the amount of time lost. This also happens to truck drivers, who have to make deliveries on time and respect their schedule at all costs. The problem is that when a truck is going over the speed limit, the consequences are going to be much more severe than a simple ticket. The weight of this massive vehicle won’t allow drivers to react quickly and the probability of causing a considerable amount of damage is significantly higher when compared to a car. 

Medical Care

Truck accidents are more likely to happen due to the nature of the vehicle. If you’re involved in this terrible event, you need to receive medical care as soon as possible. Don’t try to act like nothing happened and don’t keep driving. You might have suffered serious injuries but your body might still be in shock and adrenaline could be hiding symptoms

Not reporting an accident can also seriously hurt your claim, minimizing your compensation or even your ability to file one. It’s obviously not easy to think about legal issues after a collision takes place, but you should at least act rationally and think about your health. Contacting emergency services and speaking with a lawyer as soon as you can gives you the best chance of getting your life back on track.

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