Artificial intelligence top startups

Artificial intelligence top startups

Today, artificial intelligence has penetrated almost all industries: it is used to create unmanned vehicles, make diagnoses from a distance, check the past of potential job candidates, predict the weather down to the street. In the wake of the hype, it’s no surprise that startups billed as AI-powered developments are easy to fundraise. According to CBInsights, in the second quarter of 2019, these investments amounted to $ 7.4 billion.

In this article, we will look at the most striking examples in business areas in which Evergreen develops its competence: insurance, e-commerce, medicine, the financial sector, computer vision. This listing involves organizations that hold made machine learning, NLP (signed or expressed common language processing), and machine vision the essence of their work and ultimate ai evolution review.

Hippo Insurance

Hippo Insurance (headquartered in Palo Alto, California) is an organization that is attempting to obtain the home insurance process fast and easy for millennials. The system automatically pulls up publicly available real estate data and answers many standard questions that an insurance agent can ask.

The startup can quickly pull up high imagery and data from active home sensors, thanks to which it can respond to difficulties in real-time promptly. Hippo sells insurance backed by real insurance agents and charges a commission for each contract concluded.

Authors: Assaf Wand (CEO), Eyal Navan

Raised funds: $ 209 million

Estimated value: $ 1 billion

Artificial intelligence top startups (headquartered in San Francisco) was created to reduce the number of stroke sufferers who do not receive medical care on time. The startup’s software compares CT scans of a patient’s intellect with archived data and informs the technician of the danger as soon as it notices the slightest hint of a vascular blockage or hemorrhage that force unless being overlooked or noticed too late.

The software is sold to large hospitals and healthcare facilities including Mount Sinai in New York or Swedish Health System in Denver.

Founders: Chris Muncie (CEO), David Golan

Raised funds: $ 21 million

Estimated value: unknown (headquartered in San Francisco) was created to remove all non-sales steps from the sales chain. The founder, Ukrainian Oleg Roginsky, was at one time a junior assistant at Nstein Technologies and remembered well how the organization assembled a team of sales managers in a stuffy discussion place without windows and gave tasks not related to sales, for example, to deal with paper debris and unstructured data.

This week caused Roginsky to form a CRM system similar Salesforce, which will automatically enter appropriate data from email, calendar, chats, and prompt managers to concentrate on assignments. Today the organization has more extended than 50 clients, including:

  • VMware;
  • Zoom;
  • New Relic;
  • Lyft.

Founder: Oleg Roginsky

Raised funds: $ 100 million

Estimated value: $ 500 million


Icertis (headquartered in Seattle) this year turns 10 years old, during which the organization has almost 6 million deals. Its mist program supports companies to examine conducted discussions and automate managing businesses, manage all concluded contracts.

The artificial intelligence development services are used by large corporations in more extra than 90 countries, including:

  •  Airbus (France),
  •  Daimler (Germany),
  •  Microsoft, in which the CEO of Icertis, Samir Bodas, was before a director.

Authors: Samir Bodas (CEO), Monish Darda

Raised funds: $ 211 million

Estimated value: $ 1 billion

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