Automation tools to level-up Instagram game

Use These Tips to Get Lots of Likes on Instagram

Who doesn’t love Instagram? It is now an amalgamation of many different social media apps and platforms. You can post, view, like, comment and share pictures, videos, 15-sec reels! There is so much that Instagram offers that no one would want to leave behind.

Travelling blogs, science experiment pages, social cause profiles and Instagram models, you will find every variety here! It is challenging to create a niche and an audience with such massive competition we see around every day!

Then, how can one carve their identity in this virtual world? One way is through using automation tools and reducing redundant tasks. When the monotonous activities are taken care of, they can concentrate on much higher tasks.

Here are some of the efficient tools for every business and influencer of Instagram,

Email search tools

Relying solely on this social media for engagement doesn’t help much for the brand. You should be able to connect with the audience at an individual level. For this, email marketing plays just the right role in connecting with the audience.

You can share newsletters, offers, discounts, etc. Finding their email address might seem like a hindrance, but with the automation tools like, you can now easily search and validate millions of email addresses. Its Chrome extension to LinkedIn and Gmail answers your question about how to find email addresses.

Scheduling tools

Many of you are already aware of the apps and tools that can schedule your posts well in advance. Some of them offer you an option to schedule months ahead! It reduces the burden and worry of posting the content on time. You can also write & edit content, mention people and use hashtags before finally posting it.

However, not many people are aware that the apps can also gauge the level of audience engagement. You can see which post did well, and the tool also suggests the ideal time for you to post. Apps like Loomly allow you to share the same content on different platforms at a given time!

Hashtags and tag tools

The only time a brand is aware of what the audience thinks is when people comment on the brand’s posts. Though it is an easy way to know the common feedback, it is usually one-sided. You do not get a complete picture of the product’s feedback.

Not every person on the gram follows you – then how do you learn what they are talking about you? Yes, it is through the tags and hashtags. Tools related to this consolidate all the comments and reviews from around the gram and update you with numbers. It includes how many people liked your content and how soon people responded.

Final thoughts

Having the numbers by your side enables you to predict and take action accordingly. Instagram has its analytics page that offers you insights, these tools above ensure that you reach out to the target audience effectively.

It is no secret that this social media platform has over 2 billion users and is constantly growing. Many businesses resort to this media for growth. And why shouldn’t they, as it offers countless opportunities!

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