Automotive Trends for 2022

As the world undergoes a pandemic-induced digital transformation, every industry has been affected, which has resulted in how businesses present themselves online.

Now, if you open a search engine looking for Toyota spare parts or any other detail you may need, the likelihood of finding what you are looking for faster and at affordable prices from reliable suppliers is much higher as businesses take to the internet.

But, it’s not just the digital transformation; the auto industry has other significant trends too.

1.   Self-driving Vehicles

As the name suggests, these are vehicles that leverage self-driving technology. Sensory tech such as radar, sonar, and lidar help automobiles to identify the road patterns, signs, and proximity of other vehicles on the road.

These autonomous automobiles are safer to drive, reduce driver-negligence-related road accidents, reduce CO2 emissions and improve fuel efficiency up to 10%. Many companies have tested self-driving tech with Tesla competitors (like Lucid Air) cropping up to take on the king of autonomous vehicles.

2.   Networking of Vehicles

More than two vehicles can now communicate through wireless means. In and outside the car, devices connect to the internet to send data and messages. Most importantly, cars on the road share information to determine their current location and speed to keep the driver safe by utilizing predictive technology.

Since one cannot always anticipate the actions of other drivers, this technology will reduce road accidents and offer drivers a safer and more entertaining ride.

3.   Increase in Digital Automobile Sales, Marketing, and Innovation

As expected, online systems had to shoot up after the pandemic struck. One can comfortably purchase a car from the comfort of their home. With just a smartphone or a laptop, one can purchase their electronic vehicle or self-driving vehicle and insure it online.

More creative and innovative means of advertising and marketing vehicles are being employed in the industry to boost the sales of the chevy dealership.

4.   Electric Vehicles

Besides self-driving automobiles, EVs are the other major trend in 2022, with Europe boasting the majority. The US and the rest of the world are also seeing an increase in the adoption of non-fuel automobiles with higher voltage architecture. Typical EVs use a 400-volt system architecture, but the tide is turning. Amazingly, these 800-volt system EVs can charge from 10 to 80% in up to 20 minutes.

Google and Tesla are working very hard to produce more of these cars coupled with digital technology. We are likely to see more from Tesla, its competitors, and every major car company trying to transition from gas-powered vehicles.

5.   Improved Safety and Security

The most important thing on the road is the safety of the people using it, and vehicles are now being fitted with more safety features; emergency braking systems, automatic lane departure warnings, and blind-spot detection. Some of the safest cars include the Subaru Legacy, the 2021 Mazda 3, and the Honda Insight.

As more vehicles are being digitized, companies are also working hard to keep their technology secure and ensure hackers do not compromise their security.

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