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B 5 Tips to Get the Best Tubs for Your Bathroom

Research about bathing practices in Japan reveals the health benefits of a whole-body bath immersion. It’s shown to have a tremendous effect on blood flow and oxygen supply to the entire body. And, the result is that you feel good about yourself.  

Ultimately, a relaxing soak is a perfect way to relieve tension in your muscles. It also helps you unwind after a tiresome day. So, if you needed a reason to benefit from a lifelong of the amazing soaking tub, finally, you have it. 

From the Japanese research, more than 80% of the participants reported feelings of warmth and relaxation. This was after body immersion in the bathtubs. They also said that they feel relieved from fatigue and whole-body refreshment. 

Indeed, many people are now renovating their bathrooms to add bathtubs. They also include other bath features such as shower filter, shower caddy, and rain shower head.

The good news is that bathtubs are now available in a wide range of shapes and sizes. From the traditional roll-top tub designs to the modern freestanding tub, you’re at liberty to choose 

That is why designers are now coming up with different varieties of tubs. They want to ensure you choose the design that will suit your bathroom perfectly. 

One tub design that people are now going for is the freestanding tubs. These bathtubs are convenient since you can position them anywhere within the bathroom. Here are some of the options if you want a freestanding tub:

  • Small freestanding tub to fit your tiny bathroom
  • Freestanding rectangular tub
  • Freestanding tub with shower

But, take note that there are other tubs available to you. The beauty is that many of these bathtub models can be used to fit seamlessly with your bathroom decor and accessories.

Our article below explores the tips to help you get the best tubs for your bathroom. Let’s get started.


Anytime you want to install a tub in your bathroom, you must consider bathtub placement. The placement of your bathtub will vary depending on the tub style you choose. 

For the freestanding bathtubs, you have the freedom to place your tub anywhere you wish. It’s the convenience factor that makes many people choose the freestanding tubs.

For drop-in bathtubs, you must prioritize stability. Hence, you should have your tub installed close to the walls or have it touch the corners. 

Keep in mind that your bathtub placement also affects its safety and accessibility. So, having the bathtubs installed close to the wall or against the bathroom corners is crucial. It especially makes it safer and much easier for young kids or the elderly. 

If you love having some splendid outside views while soaking in the tubs, you can have the bathtub installed close to the window. Then, you can always capture some nice, scenic views.

Do you also plan to go for a standalone tub and shower? If so, you must ensure that the tub is positioned far from accessories like the cabinets. This is because the hot steam may damage the cabinet material.

You also need to consider where the taps will be. Ask yourself this: should they be mounted on the wall or the floor? 


A significant aspect to look at when buying a new tub concerns the people that will use it. You must consider all the needs of those people. 

For example, if you want your kids to be using the tub, avoid choosing a taller bathtub. It may prove difficult for young children to get in and out without help. It may also become hard for the elderly to use it comfortably.  

Particularly, when it comes to the freestanding bathtubs, always include safety rails to ensure you avoid accidents. Research indicates that at least half of all bathtub-related injuries happen to children below 5 years old.

Try considering the Japanese bathtub style or round bathtubs, which are very popular. More so, you can decide to invest some more cash and have your bathtubs installed with a walk-in door. 

This allows users to sit comfortably while they bathe. The tubs also contain grips to prevent slipping. It also helps to consider the height of the users and any physical shortcomings. 

Remember that, when choosing a bathtub, there are several options for disabled persons. This ensures everyone gets to enjoy the luxurious soaks.


One critical question you must ask yourself is; what size of a bathtub can my bathroom accommodate? 

Fitting a bathtub into your bathroom’s unique layout isn’t always easy. Thankfully, there’s now a wide range of bathtub sizes. They’re designed to suit different bathroom space requirements. 

Most of these designs come in either large or small options. Some tubs are deeper to benefit those who are looking for a more luxurious bath experience. 

So, you can easily shop for the ideal bathtub by looking at the tub sizes. Ensure you make a scale drawing of your bathroom to see where the bathtub can fit. And, if you’re only replacing a tub, measure the bathroom space to see what size will be appropriate.


The material you select for your bathtub matters most. And, when choosing the best material for your bathtub, think about price and comfort. 

Comfort is always paramount for the bathtubs. You undoubtedly plan to spend a significant amount of time in your bathtub. Therefore, you need a bathtub material that you’ll always feel nice soaking inside. 

Take note that every bathtub material feels different to touch. Thus, you must test out to feel the one that’s most comfy to you. 

But remember that the coziest material may also be a bit pricey. So, it helps first to discover what your bathroom can handle.

Let’s look at the common bathtub materials that you can choose from.

  • Fiberglass

Fiberglass is a low-priced bathtub material. They’re usually made from reinforced plastic sheets, which are then molded into a bathtub shape. The material is somewhat durable. But, it’s prone to chipping from heavy impact.

  • Porcelain

Porcelain is made by cast iron layering. It’s also made from stamped steel with a layer of porcelain enamel heated into a durable coating. These tubs are quite durable and non-porous. Hence, they can hardly deteriorate over time. But, the porcelain coating is quite delicate to heavy impact.

  • Acrylic

Acrylic is formed by heating a solid sheet of petrochemicals, resin, stabilizers, and appropriate dye. It’s then molded into a bathtub shape that’s reinforced with fiberglass. 

This material is available in different styles and sizes. Acrylic is a common choice for both the drop-in and freestanding bathtubs. The material is lightweight and non-porous, hence more durable. It’s also resistant to chipping and heavy impact.

  • Ceramic

Ceramic bathtubs are made by molding together different ceramic tiles until they harden. It comes in varying styles and sizes, more than any other material in the market. But, you must continually maintain it to avoid the material from crumbling or deteriorating.

  • Stone Resin

Stone resin composes of crushed natural stone bonded with adhesive. It gives you a composite material that looks and feels like natural stone. The resin offers excellent durability and is quite affordable. It also retains heat and is non-porous. 

However, there aren’t many style choices with stone resin. This is in comparison to other materials available in the market.


Bathtub weight is an important factor to consider when you want to install one. Your bathtub’s weight will also help determine where you can place it. 

If the tub’s material is too heavy, your bathroom’s floor may not support it, especially when it’s filled with water. However, an ideal solution to this issue is to strengthen your floor. That way, it can handle the heavyweight. 

Moreover, you can choose materials like acrylic and stone resin. They provide a durable material that’s pretty lightweight and well-suited for many homes. 


We have looked at some important tips to help you get the best tub for your bathroom. Whether you prioritize size or material, it would only be best to compare the bathtub types thoroughly. 

Remember to measure your bath space. The extent of space you have will largely determine what bathtub style is ideal for you. While you may be inclined to a freestanding rectangular tub, you might only have space that fits a round tub.

Also, consider the needs of everyone that’ll be using the tub. That way, you should find the right tub for your home. And, you’re sure to enjoy a lifetime of breathtaking bath moments. 

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