Baby Shower Invitations

Baby Shower Invitations

A pregnancy with a baby shower? That starts, of course, with making a baby shower invitation! Design your baby shower invitation!

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Do you already know about baby showers? This fun custom comes from North America. The intention is to put the pregnant woman in the spotlight and make it clear to the baby that she is welcome. You can, of course, make invitation cards for a baby shower yourself. Then you can make them more personal than is possible with a standard card. Of course, an invitation to a is a surprise for all parties. A baby shower invitation is also made in no time. In addition, the design is always something special.

Make A Baby Shower Invitation

So much luck is reason enough to throw a party, especially if you can’t wait to get started with your birth announcement. You will find everything you need on our platform to make a fun and personal baby shower invitation! Our collection of invitations is a little party in itself because we have cards that express all the sweetness, excitement and cuteness that comes with your baby in the most excellent ways. Give your eyes a good feast!

Do you want to surprise your pregnant girlfriend, sister or someone else with a baby shower? Then you can make a lovely baby shower invitation. This way, you can inform all guests and start the party uniquely. Creating an invitation to a baby shower is not complicated at all. The editor is self-explanatory, and you can use all kinds of valuable extras, such as frames and text. Therefore, making a baby shower invitation yourself does not take much time. Making a baby shower invitation online saves you time and ensures a professional result. You can also count on the high quality of our printing.

Information In The Invitation

When sending the invitation, please include the following:

  • The name of the mother-to-be for whom the baby shower is being organized.
  • The date of the baby shower.
  • The name of the location and the address.
  • The start and end time. If you want to surprise a pregnant woman, everyone must be present a little earlier.
  • The theme and possibly a dress code.
  • Whether everyone brings a present themselves or whether a joint gift is given.
  • The cost per person.
  • The names of the party planners and their phone numbers. Guests can always reach you with questions.

Send Invitations

Now it’s time to send out the actual invites.

Whatsapp Message Or Email

All information is easy to send via a private Whatsapp message. You may have created the Whatsapp group before sending the save the date. If you have not done so, you can, of course, also send an email.

Card By Mail

It’s still fun to send a postcard in the mail. There are ready-made cards, or you can design your own card and have it printed. Here are some examples of tickets that you can buy and send online as standard:

Want To Order A Baby Shower Invitation? Start Immediately!

Do you want to order baby shower invitations for yourself or surprise a pregnant lady in your area with a party? You can buy an invitation for a baby shower online. You can create a very unique design. Of course, you can completely customize the text on the inside. For example, you can give the guests tips for gifts or provide a personal accent to the party. For instance, it might be nice to have someone take pictures during the baby shower and to make a small photo book of them as a reminder. Of course, that is also possible! Browse our extensive collection of baby shower invite templates and choose the style you like for your baby shower invitation. We have the perfect templates for your baby shower.

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