Baby Travel Tips- How To Make Hotel Stay With Babies Easy Breezy

Baby Travel Tips- How To Make Hotel Stay With Babies Easy Breezy

Travel plans bring in a lot of excitement and fun vibes as you can roam around like a carefree wanderer as if no one cares. But is it the same when you plan a trip with your baby? Babies can be fussy at times, and thus, there are multiple things that you need to take care of, especially while making hotel bookings. 

So here is a quick checklist of things that you should consider while booking your staycation hotel:

Pick a safe location

If your budget permits, make sure that you pick on hotels in Inverness that lie in the heart of the city. Staying in central locations allows you to quickly hop into public transport or any other mode you chose for sightseeing purposes without traveling for long hours. 

Such hotels may be a bit towards the pricier side, but it’s worth all your money talking in terms of safety and access to amenities. On the contrary, being an early bird for making the bookings can indeed earn you some discounts proving gentle to your pockets. 

Do not make room bookings on the ground floor

You might be well aware of the fuss and tantrums that come along while making your baby sleep. And, we are pretty sure that you would never want your baby to be disturbed once they doze off, right? 

But staying on the ground floor may make your room prone to witness car lights, honking sounds, and a lot more other disturbances. Therefore, always go for rooms on the top floors so that your baby’s sleep is not hampered in any way.

Use the do not disturb hanger

Think of a situation when you just put your baby to sleep and proceed ahead to sit on the balcony enjoying some me-time just to hear the room service boy ringing the doorbell. Before you, your baby might be the first person to get up and check out on the door. 

Such a sight is no less than a nightmare. If you do not want such a thing to happen, always ensure that you use the “do not disturb” hangers outside your room when it’s nap time.

Book a spacious or family size room

This is again a budget-oriented constraint but yes, if you can spare a few extra bucks on your stay, consider going on for a family-sized room. Babies cannot be made to sit down at a place for long as they have a habit of being on their toes all the time when they are awake. 

A small room may restrict them from moving around and can cause irritation and frustration to creep up. Hence a room that has enough space to accommodate their tits can be a wise choice.

Pack enough food for your babies

Your baby might not like the idea of gobbling those tasty cuisines that you order for yourself, especially if they are too small to have them. Hence, you should always be geared up with enough baby food and formulas so that they never have an excuse not to eat.  


There you go- these were a few tips that can help you build some easy-breezy mama-baby travel diaries. Do you have more such ideas that can ease out hotel stay with toddlers and infants? Do let us know!

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