Banarasi Sarees from Mavuris – A Collection to Treasure

Banarasi Sarees from Mavuris – A Collection to Treasure

Banarasi sarees, as is obvious from the name, originated from the ancient city of Varanasi (also known as Benaras) and are undoubtedly one of the finest specimens of Indian handloom craftsmanship. Numerous skilled artisans work day and night to bring to us these fine 9 yards and with these beautiful Banarasis, ladies across generations love to add a splash of elegance and tradition to their wardrobe. 

These gorgeous and exquisite sarees are loved and worn by people from all over the country, mostly during special occasions like weddings, due to the grandeur they bring to the entire look and outfit. They are also often paired with traditional and exquisite jewelry of various kinds to complete the look and of course, turn a few heads. 

If you are contemplating investing in some of the best Banaras sarees from Mavuris, let us give you some very good reasons why you should absolutely do that:

  • Meticulous Craftsmanship 

The Banarasi sarees are a labor of love and are results of the incredible craftsmanship and painstaking dedication of the artisans. These are some of the features that make the Mavuris sarees exceptional and worthy of investment:

  1. The Fabric

Banaras sarees are predominantly woven from a special kind of silk, known as the Katan silk. The process of procuring this silk is extremely meticulous so that the quality and the sheen of the saree can be maintained. The main reason for using this kind of silk for the Banarasis is that the fabric allows creating the beautiful designs and look absolutely gorgeous in the vibrant colors they come in. 

  1. The Zari Work

This is what sarees are all about. The Banarasi sarees, especially the ones from Mavuris are famous for their intricate zari work. These designs are created by the artisans by carefully weaving the golden or silver zari threads into the fabric to create the incredible patterns.

  1. The Beautiful Embroidery

Some Banaras sarees also showcase eye-catching embroidery work, which enhances the beauty of the sarees manifold. Those who love sarees know how intimately sarees and embroidery are bonded together. Motifs vary from florals, geometric patterns, peacock etc adding texture and depth to saree. 

  • Other Fabrics of Banarasis

Mavuris is a trusted name when it comes to Banarasis considering that they offer a diverse collection of beautiful sarees of various fabrics, including the traditional Katan silk. Let us look at some other fabrics which the Banarasis come in

  1. Organza:

This is much lighter than pure silk and the Banaras sarees made of organza are perfect for formal gatherings of different kinds. They exude a kind of elegance that is absolutely indispensable. 

  1. Georgette

Georgette Banarasi sarees are incredibly lightweight and will be very easy to carry if you are not very fond of heavy fabrics. They are also a popular choice for various festive events and informal gatherings.

 To sum up, Mavuris brings to you the best of the Banarasi saree world with their exquisite designs, drool worthy fabric and skilled craftsmanship. Once you dive into our beautiful stock, you will be spolt for choices and this is our promise. 

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