Based On The Batting Averages: Top Ten Batsmen In The BBL

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Annually in Australia, there is a cricket competition known as the Big Bash that features players from all over the world. In order to accommodate this competition, the months of December and January will not be available. The Indian Premier League is widely regarded as the premier cricket competition in the world. The Big Bash League, sometimes known as the BBL, is commonly regarded as the second-best event in the globe. It’s possible that the high level of competition in each game contributed to the overall success of the tournament. While the Indian Premier League (IPL) was successful in recruiting worldwide superstars for its clubs, the Big Bash League (BBL) was unable to accomplish the same thing. Due to the fact that they were required to play for Australia’s national team, even the finest players in Australia were unable to participate in this competition. Some of the best Twenty20 players in the world are playing in this game, though, so fans will have plenty of reasons to get excited during these great innings.

  1. BJ Hodge –

Hodge is the youngest of his siblings, hence his older brothers and sisters are considered to be his elders. He represented Australia on the national teams for all three formats of cricket throughout his career. Hodge is a household name in the BBL, and everyone is familiar with him. Because of how well he hits, he has risen to the top of the list at this point. After participating in 50 BBL matches, he finished with a batting average of 42.33.

  1. Shaun Marsh –

Shaun Marsh is regarded as one of Australia’s most promising athletes in the sport of cricket. This left-handed hitter was the one who finished the very first game of the Indian Premier League with the highest total number of runs scored. In the Big Bash League, Marsh has been quite productive. Over the course of his career, he has scored a total of 2196 runs, which works out to an average of 41 runs scored per game.

  1. D’arcy Short –

The player who is positioned at the bottom of the lineup goes up to bat first in a lineup. Over the course of the last three seasons, he has established himself as the hitter with the highest level of consistency in the BBL. Short was awarded a contract with the Indian Premier League as a result of his outstanding performance throughout the 2018 campaign. The only time anybody wore shorts was when there was a really large celebration going on. At the conclusion of his career, he had almost 2200 runs scored by him, and his batting average was more than 40.

  1. Mitchell Marsh –

Marsh is the sibling that is younger than Shaun. As was the case with his sister, he has been offered the opportunity to represent Australia in all three of the various types of games that they play. Marsh participates in tournaments of the shortest format only very seldom, and he is no longer a member of the red-ball squad. Marsh’s numbers in the Big Bash League are quite respectable, as he has scored 1764 runs at an average of 39 per game.

  1. Kevin Pietersen –

The right-handed batsman Kevin Pietersen had a successful career in cricket. His name is nearly as well-known in cricket as the term “brilliant.” He never failed to knock the bowlers on the other side out of the park. Pietersen is capable of hitting shots that go the whole length of the field. Any bowling assault might be thrown into disarray by these strokes. Pietersen was a member of the Big Bash League and during that time he had a hitting percentage of 37% and scored 1100 runs.

  1. Owais Shah –

At one point in time, Owais Shah played for the English cricket team. He has played a lot of international cricket with a white ball throughout his career. In 22 Big Bash games, Owais had a batting average of 36 and hit more than 400 times.

  1. Chris Lynn –

Lynn’s name inevitably comes up at some point when people speak about the Big Bash League. One may make the argument that this guy is the greatest hitter in the Big Bash League’s history. Lynn is recognized for being a strong bowler who can mess up her opponents’ batting order. Right-handed hitters are accustomed to seeing a baseball diamond set out like this. Lynn has a fantastic batting average of 36, and during his career as a hitter, he has scored 2800 runs.

  1. Philippe –

Philippe is a young player on the Australian cricket team who is highly renowned for how hard he strikes the ball. During the past three seasons of the Big Bash League (BBL), the right-handed batter has done quite well. The Indian Premier League has offered Philippe a contract offer because of how effectively he performed in the bbl latest updates. He has scored more than 1500 runs throughout his career, which is an average of 36.20 runs per game.

  1. Marcus Stoinis –

Stoinis is currently considered of as one of the top players in every manner. The fact that this hitter is so large and powerful makes it very simple for him to smash home runs. Stoinis was a significant contributor to Australia’s triumph in the twenty-first century World Cup competition. In the Big Bash League, he has an incredible batting average of 35 and has scored more than 2100 runs.

  1. Carberry –

Throughout his whole career with the England cricket team, Carberry opened the batting order for the squad as the first hitter. He spent his first four seasons in the big leagues batting left-handed. Over the course of the season, he was responsible for more than 400 runs, which works out to around 35 runs on average each game. In the first part of this season, he scored 77 runs, which established a new personal best for him.

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