How do I Become More Confident in Acting?

Become More Confident in Acting

Acting is an art where you are often subjected to presenting yourself in front of people. Be it on stage or through virtual media or just to audition for a role, this can be a challenge to one’s confidence. To be an actor is to constantly have to wear your emotions on your sleeve and having to switch from your normal self to a character.

It is not easy to walk in front of a crowd and express yourself to fit in a role that is offered to you, especially with the crowd getting more critical and judgemental every day. Although one might be a natural actor but to gain that extra confidence, one needs to take extra steps to fully excel in this art form.

There are a lot of ways one can gain more confidence such as enrolling in an online acting course, committing to acting exercises, etc.  If you are an actor who wants to ace a role and shine with confidence, this article is just for you.

How to Become More Confident in Acting

Acting is an art where you play out a role in a story. It demands you to put yourself in the shoes of the character you are offered and react to a scene as they would. One’s role as an actor is to bring life to a character in a story that is created by a scriptwriter and is visualized by the director.

So as an actor one must be willing to switch from his/her personality and become a person the director and the script demands, i.e, to talk, enact and react as someone else that is not you. This can be challenging as you are channeling your emotions according to the characteristics given to you.

This experience can bring out a lot of vulnerabilities and insecurities in actors. Working on one’s confidence can help greatly in presenting oneself at their best. Here are a few ways to achieve that.

Acknowledge and Accept

An important part of growth is to accept how you feel. If you are lacking confidence, acknowledge the way you feel and accept it without fighting it. Try to get to the roots of why you are lacking confidence and this makes it easy to come out of it.

Practice your Lines

A big part of confidence-building happens when you are good at something. Forgetting lines in front of hundreds of people can be embarrassing and can also lead to a wreck in one’s confidence. To avoid this, practice the lines given to you for your character. Do your homework and go to the set well versed,

This can avoid missing or blank-out. The more you can perform without forgetting your lines, you will feel a sense of accomplishment and this will further lead to feeling more confident about yourself.

Work on Your Craft

It is a saying that the more you do something, the more confidence you will have when doing that thing and this applies to acting as well. Commit to improving your art every day. This can include doing a voice exercise, meditating, taking online acting courses, improvising, etc.

Gain experience in your art form every day and look for ways you can improve your work. Acting, like any art form, takes years of practice and dedication. Make sure you wake up every day and do at least one thing that will help you achieve where you want to be eventually and work your way up the limelight.

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