Beginners Guide About Custom Software Development

Beginners Guide About Custom Software Development

The idea of custom software development is that when you develop software, you code and program it for your client. You can be the one writing the code, or you can develop the software on behalf of a client. Both of these ways are somewhat fine-grained: you know precisely what the code is supposed to do, and you don’t need to go through a long programmatic approval process, etc.

However, the advantage of custom software development on behalf of a client is that you can use all of the client’s feedback during the entire development process, and adjust the final solution (before sending it to the client).

Some Drawbacks:

  • Custom software development makes you available 24/7. You can spend the weekend solving urgent client problems (much more flexible than working around the clock all week).
  • The client has complete responsibility. The client hires you, and is ultimately responsible for hiring a project manager. The client can fire the project manager at any time.

Hard and soft skills Requirements:

  • You’re expected to have strong communication and negotiation skills. You need to make people and teams feel good, and you need to be an optimist.
  • You’re expected to have discipline and accountability, and you need to communicate clearly and work within deadlines.
  • You’re expected to be proactive and respond quickly to changes in the project.
  • You need to have a creative mind, and you need to be able to produce creative solutions.

Proficient programming skills

The best way to understand technical languages is to actually program in them. There are some good mobile app development courses. A good online intro course that we’ve found is Codecademy. The bad news is that there’s a learning curve to most online courses. The good news is that with a little effort you can learn how to code in no time.

It’s always good to have skills and knowledge in multiple areas.

Social Skills

Custom software development is an all-consuming occupation, requiring intense focus. If you’re an extrovert, you may become known for being one of those annoying talkers who just won’t stop. It’s important to maintain a healthy work environment at all times. If you’re working remotely, you may be required to stay on top of customer service issues over a variety of platforms.


Communication skills are essential to being a software developer, especially for mobile app development. If you communicate poorly, it’s difficult to move forward and improve. When you communicate effectively, you can save time and help your clients.

Always listen your clients. You’ll be amazed at how fast a client will appreciate your willingness to listen. You’ll also gain valuable new insights and get a good idea of what your client’s issues are and how you can best address those.


Now that you’ve taken care of the tools and communication, you’re ready to get to work!

If you’re working in a small team, you’re likely going to be helping a group of people. Each member of your team will have a specific goal or responsibility, and you will need to work with them to achieve it.

We highly recommend working for a company that allows you to focus on one aspect of the project, and then moves your work over to the next team member once that has been completed. It will help you set up clear expectations with your clients and get on the same page from the beginning.

If you’re working on a one-person project, you’ll need to make a list of tasks that you want to accomplish and create schedules for yourself. Write down what you want to accomplish and how you’re going to achieve that. Then get to work!

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