Benefits of Hair Transplant

Benefits of Hair Transplant
  1. Hairs:

Hairs are part of the integumentary system of mammals. Biologically, these are filaments made of proteins only. These give the characteristic appearance to mammals. These grow from the dermis of the skin and vary in length according to that mammal and part of the body.

  1. The anatomical structure of Hair:

Anatomically, hair consists of three parts hair shaft, follicle, and bulb. The shaft is the visible part of the hair. It is the part that grows outside the skin and easily visible to us. The hair bulb is the root of the hair. It is the part that attaches hair to the skin. At last, the follicle is the part that connects the hair bulb to its shaft.

  1. Importance of Human Scalp Hairs:

Every single thing in this universe has its function to do. Nature has made everything scientifically and has given it a specific role. Similarly, scalp hairs have a lot of things to do. Most of us think they must be rudimentary structures. But it is incorrect. Hairs have a lot of benefits. Some of them are listed below:

  • Scalp protects our brain from external injuries. Similarly, scalp hairs provide a cushion around our heads. It gives additional protection to our brains.
  • Scalp hairs also provide warmth to our brains. This warmth is especially important in cold conditions.
  • According to research, hairs are also important in the self-esteem of that person. About 90% of females consider hair as an important constituent in the development of a person’s confidence.
  • Also, all humans have different colors and the nature of hair. So, hairs also help to differentiate people of different races and regions.
  1. Reasons For Hair Fall:

We have seen a lot of people with baldness. Men are more prone to it than women. There are a lot of causes of hair loss. Hair fall gradually increases with age. Some of the main reasons for hair fall are discussed below:

  • Hereditary Hair Loss:

It is the most highlighting cause of Hair loss. Most of the men become bald after 25. It is due to the genes. If the father is bald, there are 75% chances of the son also becoming bald after 25.

  • Age:

Age is a prime factor in baldness. Due to increasing age, damage to our hairs also increases. Due to which we see hair loss at increasing age.

  • Other factors:

Other factors that contribute to hair loss are hormonal imbalance meant, Poor health and hygiene, pulling your hair regularly, etc. All these factors play an important part in hair loss. Although hereditary and age factors contribute the most, these factors can also become the leading cause.

  1. Hair Transplantation:

Hair Transplantation is the most important cure for hair loss. In this process, hairs from different parts of the body are plucked along with their bulbs and then implanted on the scalp. These hairs grow and easily replace the original hairs.

  1. Types of hair Transplantations:

There are two types of hair transplantation: FUT and FUE. Both of these techniques are used in cosmetic surgeries nowadays. Which procedure to be used depends upon the nature and demand of the patient. In FUT or strip surgery, a strip of skin is removed from the patient’s scalp or another part of the body and then placed on the head using local anesthesia. While in FUE, the individual hair follicle is removed and each hair is then attached to its bulbs individually. nother option is PRP Treatment at Hair and Skin science, this is done by using your blood plasma to help grow hair follicles where they have been lost.

  1. Benefits of Hair Transplantation:

There are a lot of benefits of Hair Transplantation and you can get it from In addition to biological benefits, people also enjoy aesthetic benefits using hair transplant surgery. Some of these benefits are listed below:

  • Aesthetically important:

Hairs are an important part of our personality. It adds up the charm to our appearance. Hair Transplantation improves the appearance of that person.

  • Permanent treatment:

There are a few problems in medical sciences that have permanent solutions, baldness is one of them. If you are bald, it is not a problem in medicine. Ina single surgery, you can get as many hairs as you want and these hairs will permanently follow your personality.

  • Less care required:

Unlike other surgeries, you do not have to worry about hair transplant surgery. This surgery requires low maintenance.

  1. Last Words:

Due to genetic and improper diet conditions, baldness in men has become a common condition. Almost 60% of all men are bald. But it is no more a problem. You can get your hair back in just a single surgery. This hair transplant surgery will return your charm and beauty to you. Also, this surgery is less expensive and requires low maintenance.

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