Benefits Of Kegel Exercise Good For Men

Today, we are going to learn about exercises related to improving physical function.

Effects of Kegel Exercises

Where life expectancy is getting longer and we are entering a super-aged society, interest in not only health in youth but also healthy life in old age is increasing.

In that respect, Kegel exercises, which strengthen the pelvic muscles to improve urinary incontinence that can occur with age, are recommended postpartum rehabilitation exercises for women who have had childbirth for the first time.

It is said to improve urinary incontinence by strengthening the female sphincter and increase physical sensitivity, so it has become so common that doctors actively recommend it to mothers abroad.

Past studies have shown that this Kegel exercise is also effective for men.

Principles of Kegel Exercises

Some structures in the human body act as faucets.

The so-called sphincter, like a faucet, is mainly concentrated in the excretory organ that discharges the accumulated in the body to the outside at an appropriate time. The reason that this Kegel exercise, also called anal tightening, is good for men is due to the anatomical characteristics of the muscle layer where the sphincter is located.

This layer of muscle located at the bottom of the pelvis is like a sheet of wide membrane. This layer of muscle acts as a fastener to control stool, urine, and ejaculation while preventing organs from descending from the stomach. In men, the pelvic muscle to plays an important role blood flow, and is also a muscle that affects building.

They neglect pelvic muscle exercises, which are important for their intimate life and urinary system. To strengthen these important pelvic muscles, men can prevent erectile dysfunction through the Cenforce 150 and Fildena 150, which repeats 10 to 15 repetitions of normal contraction and release exercises and the action of cutting off the anus in the middle of urination. You can get help with treatment. Today, we will briefly learn about the effects and principles of Kegel exercises, and we will post more in-depth information later.

The reason the pelvic organs don’t fall when we walk is that the pelvic floor muscles support the pelvic floor. The pelvic floor muscles are hammock-shaped muscles that extend from the pubis to the tailbone. If that muscle is damaged, the organs in the pelvis (rectum, uterus, etc.) In this regard, experts explain that the pelvic floor muscles, like other muscles, can be strengthened through regular training. A typical example is the male Kegel exercise.

Benefits Of Kegel Exercise

Kegel exercises are often recommended for women, but there are many benefits to men as well. This is because it increases the elasticity of the pelvic floor muscles to protect the bladder and prevent enlarged prostate. A prostate is the main cause of frequent urination and hematuria. If so, what is the specific exercise method? Many people know that Kegel exercises contract and relax the anus. The key is to strengthen the muscles used to hold urine (near the urethra).

First, place your feet on the floor and straighten your back, neck, and shoulders. After that, you should inhale slowly while contracting the urethra and then relax as you exhale. Aim to tighten and loosen for at least 5 seconds at first. After that, you should gradually increase the time and repeat.

Some studies have also revealed the benefits of Kegel exercises. The research team conducted Kegel exercises for 12 weeks on men who had their prostate removed. Then, I looked at the difference between before and after. Then, the symptoms of urine leakage improved to the extent that more than half of them could live their daily lives without a pad.

However, it isn’t easy to continue Kegel exercises for a long time without professional help. Accordingly, various auxiliary devices are being introduced on the market, and special attention is required before selection. This is because some products are problematic in terms of safety and hygiene. You should also check if the stimulation is properly coming to the desired area.

How to do kegel exercises

Kegel exercises are very easy. It does not require any equipment or machinery. A few short sessions per day will give you great results.

Once you have identified the position of your pelvic floor muscles, squeeze them tight for a few seconds (up to 5 seconds) (mimicking what you do to stop urinating and gas) and then relax. This is a Kegel exercise. It is best to repeat it up to 3 to 4 times a day, 10 to 20 times a day.

It is also important to breathe normally and not hold your breath while exercising. It is also important to tighten firmly while imagining that the muscles will rise. Vilitra 20 and Vidalista 60 to improve physical function.

How to check the pelvic floor muscles

To properly perform Kegel exercises, it is important first to check your pelvic floor muscles.

With this simple exercise, you will be able to detect the body parts involved. Also, when you check, you’ll find that it’s almost impossible to stop the flow of urine, so you’ll know that this area needs some exercise.

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