Best Crypto Exchange Aggregator to choose in 2022

The Almost Complete and True Bitcoin Story

Are you into cryptocurrency investments or a beginner? It’s intriguing to know the millions of investors who will be trading in Bitcoin and other digital tokens. Converting BTC to LTC or any other assets needs a crypto exchange. In this case, traders must be sure to find a perfect crypto exchange if they want to accrue profits while trading. Here are some of the crypto exchanges to help in your digital investments. 

  • Kraken 

This exchange platform is quite common amongst European investors. The site has been in existence since 2011 and has a range of blockchain technology features. For instance, traders can check and analyze market predictions by checking the real-time data. Kraken is secure and available globally and supports close to 40 cryptos, including Bitcoin. 

  • Binance 

This trading exchange features among the leading crypto exchanges dealing with more than 150 digital coins. Investors can also stake their assets on Binance and earn interest. The trading fees are lower depending on the volume of your exchange. However, Binance doesn’t allow investors to store their private keys. 

  • KuCoin 

Though a new crypto exchange, KuCoin has been home for thousands of crypto investors, thanks to its intuitive, user-friendly design. The platform has top-notch security features. KuCoin is dedicated to crypto pair trading. 

  • eToro 

eToro started in 2017 as a social trading site. At least 17 million global users have been using eToro for exchanges. eToro is easy to use and provides crypto exchanges of the six major assets; Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin cash, XLM, and XRP. eToro mainly supports USD fiat, making it accessible for US traders. 

  • Coinbase 

Since its inception in 2013, Coinbase has catered to over 30 million traders worldwide. Traders can pay lower trading fees using the pro version. In addition, you can trade multiple digital coins globally on Coinbase.

  • Bitfinix

If you are looking for a crypto exchange with innovative technology, Bitinix offers more than that. Investors can validate a token’s liquidity before converting or investing. 

  • Bittrex

Bittrex deals with over 180 cryptoccurencies on their platform, providing traders with more exchange pairs to choose. The platform is secure and quick in executing transactions. One thing you will like about Bittrex is the real-time data it provides; users can analyze the trading volume in the past 24 hours. 

How to exchange Btc to Ltc in 2022 

You can swap BTC to Ltc conveniently. Here is a guide you can use on Alligat0r

  1. Look for the trading pair 
  2. Provide the number of tokens you want to convert 3. Submit a wallet to receive the Ltc tokens.
  3. Check the real-time value of your tokens to see the value of your new assets.
  4. Confirm your details and proceed to complete the conversion -most exchanges offer instant transactions.
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