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Best Desk in Aesthetics: Clear Acrylic Desk With Drawers

Best Desk in Aesthetics

Clear acrylic desks with drawers have been getting the attention of many lately because of the minimalist yet sophisticated look it is giving an interior. This type of desk can trick people’s eyes, making a small space look like a bigger one.

Individuals, especially those with home offices, are caught by the unique style of acrylic desks. Considered to be one of the best desks when it comes to aesthetics, let’s dig deeper into what it has in store.

What are its uses? More than its aesthetics, what are the advantages and disadvantages of a clear acrylic desk?

Flexible Uses of Acrylic Desks

Acrylic desks cater to a wide variety of users as it is transparent, gender-inclusive, and has flexible uses.

Work or Study Productivity Booster

Are you renovating your new office? Building a new one? Either way, one of the finishing touches is the interior design of your working space. Most working spaces are targeted to be bright, spacious, and conducive area that promote productivity.

An acrylic top desk, particularly a clear acrylic computer desk boosts your productivity if you are working or studying. It is built to sustain the weight of computers plus the additional stationery items for your needs.

If you are not working with your computer, a lucite writing desk can serve as a whole space for your writing or drawing needs.

Vanity Table

An acrylic lucite desk can also be used as a vanity table.  A clear acrylic desk with drawers makes it easier for you to store all your beauty belongings within the desk itself. Also, as it is transparent, it is easier and faster to look for something.

Depending on the available space you have in your room, you can opt to buy a big or small acrylic desk. This type of table is also customizable—in size, style, and specific details if there are any that you need.

An example of a clear acrylic desk with drawers is Clear Home Design’s Classic Lucite with two clear drawers. You may check out their offerings through their website https://clearhomedesign.com/office/clear-acrylic-desks/.

Other Uses

Generally, desks can be used for whatever purpose the owner wants. Similarly, acrylic desks can also be utilized for purposes other than work, studying, or vanity. You may put it somewhere in an area with a few photos on top of it.

The bottom line is to maximize the aesthetic and function this type of desk offers.

Acrylic vs. Lucite Desk

The terms acrylic and lucite are used interchangeably or together. However, the primary distinction between Lucite and Acrylic is their names—Lucite is a brand name for polymethyl methacrylate, whereas Acrylic is the chemical name for polymethyl methacrylate in general.

Plastics are made up of acrylate polymers. It is affiliated with the characteristics of transparency, breakage resistance, flexibility, and others. Simply put, these acrylate polymers are recognized as lucite or acrylic.

In essence, there is no great disparity between Acrylic and Lucite; Lucite is just a recommended material to get for an acrylic desk because of its high-quality characteristics.

Acrylic vs. Lucite Desk

Advantages of a Clear Acrylic Desk


Acrylic, like glass, is transparent. While it is not nearly as clear and translucent as glass, it does give your home decor a similar look and feel.

Cleaned Easily

An acrylic-made desk is quite cleanable easily. In addition, the dirt on the desk is quite visible given its transparency so you recognize when it needs to be washed already.

To clean your clear acrylic desk with drawers, all you need is a piece of cloth, soap and a little water to do the job. This becomes extra helpful and nearly required if you are always using the table.


Acrylic’s composition allows it to withstand extreme weather conditions. Acrylic will not be harmed by water, for example. Even torrential rain has no effect on outdoor acrylic furniture.

While the sun’s rays may lead the acrylic to become more brittle as time progresses, the amount of time it takes for damage to occur is better compared to other furniture materials.

Modern Look

Because acrylic must be made into the correct shape, interiors typically show simple design, which fits contemporary and modern settings.

It is opposite to intricate or highly decorated wood furniture, which is better suited to traditional settings and classic vibes.

Artistic Effects

The aesthetic look that acrylic furniture helps to generate is perhaps an unintentional or unintended benefit.

Decorative items that are placed on acrylic furniture appear to float in the space. Beyond the decorative pieces themselves, a simple clear acrylic desk, especially with drawers will create a distinct artistic effect.

Universal for Colors

Regardless of what colors and finishes you currently have in your home, you can easily integrate an acrylic working desk without fear of conflicting colors. It is because being acrylic, it is a neutral color that can match almost anything.

The only thing that will bother you is whether the piece’s look blends well with everything in your room’s design.

Disadvantages of a Clear Acrylic Desk

Hard to Repair/Refix

The most significant disadvantage is that acrylic is difficult to repair in case of any damage.  In comparison, furniture made of wood is repairable easily.

As the owner, you must guarantee that the desk is properly cared for and handled. You won’t have to worry about costly repairs or replacing the desk with a new one this way.

Possibilities of Hand Prints

Acrylic, like glass, mirrors, and stainless steel, will display fingerprints. If you are worried about this or if you have little children or other people who are not scared to touch everything, an acrylic desk might not be the best choice for your room.


A clear acrylic desk with drawers, being transparent, can be an advantage or disadvantage to the business.

Although it is convenient for you to look for something using the seethrough drawers, it also requires being organized with what you put and becoming responsible for when to clean it.

Given the transparency, you must also be aware of any confidential files that should not be kept in the drawers of a clear acrylic desk.


An acrylic desk is sturdy, will last a long time with typical wear and tear, is easy to clean, and can be used in practically any room decoration style and color/s.

The only significant disadvantages are that it shows nearly any form of marking,  whether temporary fingerprints or permanent scratches and that once it breaks, there is a high chance of not getting it back to its original condition anymore.

So given the advantages and disadvantages, it is vital to weigh your needs and maintain responsibilities as the user.

Now, are you ready to incorporate clear acrylic furniture into your home design? Visit our website to help you decide even more.

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