Best Fertilizers to have for your Garden

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Healthy plants are fundamental to a beautiful and bountiful garden. And we have seen green landscapes, lawns, and gardens all around the world and the secret behind it is just the soil and care. But given the fact that your plants are having a difficult time growing and developing itself, surely you have come across the use of fertilizer. 

However, we will not be talking about the usual fertilizers that you can purchase on the market. But rather we will be discussing natural fertilizers that are accessible to everyone.

Why Natural Fertilizer?

Natural fertilizers are organic matters that have been extracted from living organisms or from the Earth. There are two types of organic fertilizers and they are known as plant-based and animal-based. Meanwhile, synthetic fertilizers are processed products composed of synthesized chemicals of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium.

For example, most fertilizers release their nitrogen within three to six weeks, while fish-based fertilizers release nitrogen for up to 15 weeks. Thus, even though organic matter is composed of a lesser amount of N-P-K ratio, it does not mean that the nutrients are limited and lesser than the synthetic compounds. 

Best Organic Fertilizers

There are many beneficial and best natural fertilizers out there, but here are some of them that can really bring the best out of your plants and garden.

  • Bone Meal – for some reasons, you already know what this fertilizer is, like playing Minecraft. This organic matter is created through steam processing and pulverization of animal bones. It is one of the common fertilizers used by gardeners and even farmers.
  • Fish Emulation – we know how disgusting and stinky the oils and blood that fishes have. However, once we cook the fish, we remove these things and they can become a great fertilizer for your garden. By leaving it to bereft of amino acids, hormones, and nutrients will make it a good natural substitute for chemical water-based fertilizers.
  • Granular Fertilizer – this fertilizer is a blend of animal, plants, and minerals that are mixed together to form a complete granular fertilizer. It makes them a complete and perfect fertilizer to some plants because they have the necessary macronutrients for plants to grow and thrive.
  • Liquid Kelp –  if you are near the coastal regions of your lands, then maybe it is your time to create some of these organic substances. They are made by processing sea kelps that are kept at cold temperatures. It is rich in trace minerals and also a source of plant hormones.
  • Blood Meal – fan of slaughterhouses? Blood can also be used as a fertilizer as the compound has an average N-P-K ratio of 12-0-0, which makes it a nitrogen amendment. By adding this to your garden soil, it will help to raise the amount of nitrogen that will help the plants to grow more lush and green.
  • Greensand – it is an organic fertilizer that is made up of sediments containing mineral deposits from the ocean floor. The N-P-K ratio of this fertilizer is 0-0-3 or 0-0-7 that provides vigor and hardiness to the plant. Potassium is essential in ensuring the plant’s optimal growth and development.

There are other organic fertilizers to mention, but these six natural compounds are significant enough to provide you the desired results for your garden.


Fertilizers can bring pros and cons to your garden, and the quantity of the disadvantages are greater than the pros given that they’re synthetic. However, as we have organic fertilizers that our ancestors used, we can use these also as they provide beneficial and significant effects to our garden. Not only these natural compounds will help us achieve our desired look of our plants and gardens, but they are eco-friendly and reliably safe.

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