Best Netflix Shows That You Can Watch Right Now!

Netflix Shows

A long weekend ahead with no plans! If you have landed here you might be looking for the best Netflix series ever. Well, to help you out we have listed the best shows to watch right now. Coming to Netflix, there are a lot of good shows, and picking the one is really a hectic task. Here, you can easily figure out exactly which series to start with. What are you looking for? Let’s get started.

Top Netflix Series 2021!

Are you struggling with what to watch? Without any further delays, have a look at the list based on the rankings and recommendations. Scroll now!

Line of duty

If you are the one looking for a complete package of drama, you can’t miss out on the police drama in the line of duty. In this, you will see the working of a police anti-corruption unit in a UK City. It is broadcasted on the BBC, each set is of six episodes covering the different cases of potential police wrongdoing. The sixth episode is going to come through spring 2021.

Grace and Frankie

Well, a story of two women whose ongoing rivalry comes to a head with their husbands wanted a divorce from them. Grace and Frankie want to change their life and start sharing a beach house. They are left with the kids and their modern lifestyle. They both are trying to figure out life, love, and career.

Big Mouth

Are you looking for a funny and teenage new Netflix series? Well, Big Mouth can be the trial. In this series, W wickedly rude cartoon follows a group of kids and their influential friends. There are lots of bodily fluids that will make you laugh during the whole show. It is considered one of the most entertaining and funniest series in the last 10 years.

Edge Of Tomorrow

An American science fiction action series, Edge of tomorrow is based on action sequences. You will see a clever sense of humor and an intellectual storyline. It is a blockbuster series that perfectly combines with entertainment. You will enjoy watching this series. Well, you might be thinking when is the edge of tomorrow 2 going to release? You have to wait a little more to see the quality series on Netflix.


Have you ever experienced soul-crushing awkwardness? To experience this feeling again, the Netflix series  education will make you feel a thousand times of awkwardness and somewhat close to embarrassment. In this best Netflix series ever, you will see Gillian Anderson As jean Milburn who is playing the role of sex therapist. The complete series revolves around her son. If you are the one who wants to learn life lessons that open your mind,  education can be your choice in 2021!

However, there is a long list of the best NetFlix series in 2021. You need to find out the right one according to your mood. Don’t waste time just scrolling and ending up with nothing. Pick from the above-mentioned list and make your weekends interesting!

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