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Best Outdoor Furniture Shops in Australia

How to Design Furniture: A Beginner's Guide

Outdoor enjoyment is incomplete without outdoor furniture, which is commonly known as garden furniture. Outdoor furniture has become a necessity of every house in Australia. Various shops provide you with a range of tables and chairs available in exclusive design and colors. To give an attractive outlook to your outdoor space, the furniture you choose should be reliable. To make it easy for you, we have listed the best outdoor furniture shops in Australia.


It is one of the oldest brands offering reliable outdoor furniture. It was founded in 1992 is Melbourne-based. The furniture produced by them is such that it comfortably withstand Australia’s weather. They provide an iconic collection of seating, tables, planters, outdoor entertaining, etc., for the workplace, home, or public space in a single suitable package. The outdoor material and finishes are of high performance, making the furniture durable.

Coco Republic

The Coco Republic has linked itself as a power to be reckoned with within Australia’s interior and furniture design scene. The showrooms are located in

Auckland, New Zealand, and the east coast. The outdoor furniture offered by this brand is precisely luxurious. They provide a range of large seat cushions similar to tiny beds, large tables that can manage seatings of whole rugby teams. They also offer small decorative ornaments and pieces that change your outdoor area in such a fantastic place that you never want to leave.


It is also one of the oldest brands that have been based in Sydney since 1993. It has been going from power to power since it first struck its ground. It is becoming a powerhouse of furniture selling across the whole region. Showrooms are not only in Australia but expanded further in southeast Asia. To fill out its collections, it assigns itself to source the best third-party makers.

In this way, they offer you a more excellent choice of a more extensive range of outdoor furniture.

In addition to the large table and chair choices, space furniture also provides outdoor lighting and many other tiny accessories, like vases and storage.

Trit House

Like space, Trit house deals with both designing its parts and sourcing quality alternatives from different providers. It was founded in 2006, aiming to parson its choices to attract directly to the Australian client. It considers the unique style of the country, which is shown magnificently at any of the reviewed showrooms spotted along the east coast.

It offers a variety of outdoor furniture ranging from different tables, chairs, and accessories, like parasols. They are designed to make your outdoor space a relaxing or entertaining look, whatever you want it to be.

Cosh Living

Cosh Living specializes in outdoor furniture; based in Melbourne, founded in 2008, and now has a couple of stores all over the nation. It also sells reliable outdoor pieces supplied by some of the best designers in Europe.

It offers a wide range of outdoor furniture ranging from chairs, tables, daybeds, or simple decorative accessories.

It also has its internal brand, Kett. The furniture they provide is made up of different materials comprising aluminum, wood, and wrought iron. All of these are sourced from the best designers and suppliers that are both local and international.

Paola Lenti

The furniture offered by them is a unique design of art, seeming like a functional furniture piece. Most of the furniture is made of stainless steel, wood, or other metals; Paola has a taste of fabrics. The designers have created the fibers that support them to endure harsh sunlight or torrential rainstorms.

The fabric and yarn used in the furniture give an extremely cool look that will change your outdoor space into something else.


It is a self-recognized company, 100% specializing in outdoor furniture. It offers a variety of armchairs, sittings, and sofas beside more traditional-looking outdoor pieces. Most of the type provided by this brand is flexible. You can fit them easily and perfectly according to your space.


Kula is another famous outdoor furniture company based in Sydney. It offers more than 25000 products at reasonable prices. They provide a variety of tables, chairs, and other accessories to make your outdoor space incredible.


The above are all famous and reliable brands specializing in outdoor furniture. You can choose any of the above companies to purchase outdoor furniture and decorate your space into extraordinary.

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