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Permanent make up or micro pigmentation is in vogue these days. It is usually a cosmetic tattoo technique to create filled-in eyebrows, crisp eyeliners and tinted lips and enhances the shape and color of your facial features. The most prominent advantage is that it obviates the need for an everyday makeup routine. Similarly, if you have lost hair or lip color owing to aging, permanent makeup is an apt option. It employs a needle to repose pigmented granules beneath the upper layer of the skin.

Permanent makeup delivers the promise of keeping the makeup in place whether you would work all day, go to the gym, dance the whole night, hang out for recreational activities or wake up in the morning, the makeup seems to remain intact. Even the imperfections such as vitiligo, scars and marks left out by other skin infections are also corrected by using this permanent makeup technique. 

What Are Permanent Makeup Machines?

Now come to the permanent makeup machines, such machines have been customized in a pen shape. The permanent makeup business has been rising exponentially the other day. The estheticians who are specially trained or licensed are the ones who determine the best look for your eyelashes, lips and eyebrows. 

Such permanent makeup machines include pmu machine Canada – Mast tour wireless tattoo rotary pen machine which is very portable and small with 25mm grip, travel friendly and made from medically approved components with a long lasting battery life. 

The remarkable permanent make up Toronto machine offers pen-style rotary tattoo machines for use with needle cartridges. It is pretty much compatible with all standard tattoo machine power supplies. The tattoo machine is developed from solid rods of optimum quality of aluminum and then polished and anodized alike with a laser engraved logo. 

This rotary tattoo machine is simple, classic and the most appropriate machine for accurate line work, black and gray shading, solid color packing which makes it a perfect tool for tattoo artists. 

Wireless Permanent Makeup Pen 1

Then comes the wireless permanent makeup pen 1. This wireless invention enables the artists to have easier mobility and convenient handling during long usage. The wireless permanent makeup Pen 1 offers safety and environment friendliness both for the artists and clients. It is designed with Toronto Brow Shop to perform tattooing of permanent eyebrows, lips and eye lines. This permanent makeup  pen comes with a matte black color with a lithium battery  installed in it which stands it out of the rest.

Mast Tour Wireless Tattoo Rotary Pen Machine

The Mast Tour Rotary Pen Machine has attracted professional tattoo artists due to its flexible pen design. It features a non-cable motor made in Japan that works powerfully. You can make perfect tattoos with precise solid color packing, black and grey shading, and lining. You only need to twist its body for different tattoo styles, which increases and decreases the stroke length. All in all, It is an excellent permanent makeup machine for all types of work. If you are looking for a machine that operates quietly and efficiently, look no further.

Why Does Permanent Makeup Procedure Need Numbing Cream?

Permanent makeup is like tattooing, which means you will experience similar pain. This is the reason why this procedure is also known as, ‘cosmetic tattooing.’ In this procedure, ink is inserted into the dermis of skin using small needles. This process can be painful and uncomfortable for clients. Likewise, the client’s discomfort can make the procedure difficult for the practitioner too. This is where a numbing cream for permanent makeup comes in!

The best numbing cream for permanent makeup contains the right formulation of ingredients and is effective enough to numb the skin quickly. Look for a reputed seller who offers a range of topical analgesics formulated to reduce pain or swelling during or after a permanent makeup procedure. 

Numbing creams are generally applied around 10-15 minutes before the permanent makeup procedure. After allowing the cream to sit for 15 minutes, it is wiped off. Make sure to numb a small area at once. If you must numb a larger area, do it in sections rather than doing all at once. 

Common over-the-counter numbing creams that are without prescription are less effective at numbing an area. As they have low strengths of anesthetics, they don’t work well for making the permanent makeup process painless. Thus, it is recommended to buy a good-quality, dermatology-tested numbing cream. 

To Sum Up

Permanent makeup is all the rage nowadays; so are the equipment and topical applications associated with it. Be it a lip brush procedure, microshading or brows, you just need to pick the right makeup machine to get the best results. Also, pick a quality numbing cream to make the process as painless as possible.

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