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Best Shade Sail Layout Designs for Your Backyard

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A home is not a home without all the basic facilities and utilities. To have a good and comfortable life, one needs the appropriate layout of accessories/utilities in his house, such as furniture, curtains, proper decor, and shade sails sunshades. All these items are necessary for a typical home for the residents, and it also makes the home look great as well.

You might have a good idea about all these accessories/furniture and decorations except the sunshades. If you are not aware of the types/layouts of sunshades, this article will help you figure out the different layouts and the ones which would suit your backyard.

There are plenty of sunshades in the market, and it would not be easy to choose one. Here is the list of the popular layouts of sunshades you can choose from:

Multiple rectangles or squares

It is a layout that brings several squares and rectangular shade sails together that provides shade to a wider outdoor area. You can build these sunshades next to each other or arrange them with a bit of overlap, which is great for avoiding gaps between each one. And it is necessary to keep at least 12 inches of gap between the sails to avoid chafing.

Square or hyper rectangular design

Shade sails/sunshades with this design have a single rectangular or square sail, and it has become popular among homeowners as it has all the essential features for the outdoor shades.

It gives better rain and wind resistance than the two-dimensional and flat layout. This design can be built by securing two opposing corners tied at a low point positioned at the same length from the floor and the two opposing corners tied at a higher point from the same distance.

Slanted triangle

If you want to build a different type of sunshade (non-rectangular/square), you can choose the slanted triangle option. The angle can give you a beautiful effect on the shaded area while also letting the water runoff when it rains. A slope of approx fifteen degrees is better for proper draining of rainwater.

Multiple triangles

A slanted triangle sunshade may look pretty, but it cannot give enough coverage for a wider area. If you are using triangle shade sails, you can use multiple triangles to make unique and beautiful shades with maximum coverage. You can achieve this by attaching them side to side or overlapping them, just like you do with rectangular or square shades.

Rectangular/square and triangle combinations

You can combine square, triangle, and rectangular sunshades to create a unique shade layout. You can make a pentagon shape by putting a triangular sail on a square one. These combinations will be unique and give a pleasant look at the same time.

You can surprise your houseguests with a different design every time they come for the barbeque party.

These are the different sunshade layouts you can try in your backyard to make the place look fantastic and unique. While combining these shades, if you want to make it more beautiful, you can buy shades of different colours and arrange the layout to enhance the overall look of the backyard. With these settings, the place will look colourful and lively, and it will be fun for the kids as well.

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