Best smoking accessories manufacturers in China

Best smoking accessories manufacturers in China

Do you plan to open a smoke shop startup of your own?

If so, there are some smoking accessories that you must always keep in stock. But more importantly, you should research, get recommendations, and get in touch with the right smoking accessories suppliers in China.

As much as it is essential to keep the customers satisfied with quality products, you also need to find reliable and trustworthy suppliers plus manufacturers of smoking accessories in China.

Below, we have assembled a list of some of the few most popular experienced smoking accessories suppliers and manufacturers in China. They do not make and supply only one kind of smoking accessory; they have diverse product categories. Please review the brief about them and make your pick to do business with.

Pipe Supplier

If searching for the best smoking accessories suppliers and manufacturers in China, you cannot miss Pipe Supplier’s name. They are widely known all over China and many other nations for their efficient manufacturing solutions in producing a variety of smoking accessories.

Their most popular smoking accessories are made out of glass. To be more specific, the sturdiest and most durable borosilicate glass. So, you know that even their glass bongs and pipes are of high quality. Besides glass, they also make wood, ceramic, melamine products, etc. They have bongs, grinders, water pipes, rolling trays, ashtrays, and many more smoking accessories.

They have their smoking accessories production facilities in China. They are headquartered in Hong Kong.

Ruian Lanchuang Smoking Accessories Factory

Ruian Lanchuang is involved in producing and supplying varieties of smoking accessories. They export their quality products to many other nations in the world. They specialize in manufacturing many smoking accessories like tube filling, hand-rolling machines, grinders, hookahs, cigarette cases, evaporators, smoking pipes, bongs, ashtrays, and many more glass products.

Hanruitong (Shenzhen) Technology Co. Ltd.

Hanruitong (Shenzhen) Technology follows stringent production standards to manufacture varieties of smoking accessories in China. They have their production factory. They are widely popular as exporters or quality smoking accessories in developed nations like the Middle East, Europe, and Southeast Asian countries.

They manufacture a wide range of smoking accessories. These include rolling paper, cigarette paper, steel pallets, herb grinders, bings, tipping papers, etc.

Yiwu Gunter Arts & Crafts Co.Ltd

Yiwu Gunter Arts & Crafts is an import and export company of wholesale smoking accessory. Their popularity for quality and diverse smoking products ranges in the US, Europe, the Middle East, and some Asian nations. Their smoking accessories are vast. These include herb grinders, tobacco pipes, cigarette cases, rolling machines, bongs, glass ashtrays, paper, hookah pipes, etc.

If you are interested in glass smoking accessories, they have them.

Jining Sinoic Glass Products Co. Ltd.

You know what is so different about Jining Sinoic Glass Products than other smoking accessories manufacturers and suppliers! They have over ten years of experience in this industry. And, surprisingly they make an effort to produce new designs of smoking products every month. They are also known as the leading glass water pipes supplier in China.

Their smoking products are limited to glass bongs and glass hookah pipes.

Xuzhou Eagle Trading Co. Ltd

Xuzhou Eagle Trading is a professional manufacturer of glass smoking products on large scales. More specifically, they make all kinds of glass products, from honey bottles to medicine bottles to food containers to cups. They own six separate production lines and are more domestic suppliers.

Regardless, you will get high-quality glass bongs from them at competitive rates.

HM Group Co. Ltd

HM Group Co. Ltd has over ten decades of expertise in supplying smoking accessories in China. They are a good choice of wholesale smoking accessories in China as they have multiple production houses. If you are interested in collecting glass products, they have it. With their private-label program, you can get customized smoking accessories of choice. You can specify shapes, sizes, materials, designs, etc.

Their popular smoking accessories include smell diffusers, candles, crystal ashtrays, glass ashtrays, ceramic ashtrays, etc.

Jinjiang Jiaxing Supply Management Co. Ltd

Jinjiang Jiaxing Supply Management products are well known for their quality and design in many other nations, including Australia, North America, Western Europe, and Canada. They use exported machinery in their factories to produce outstanding smoking accessories.

Their main smoking accessories include hookah pipes, bongs, and tobacco pipes.


That being said, while choosing your smoking accessories partner or manufacturer and supplier in China, you must consider all the variables that might affect your business and partnership. While stocking up your smoke shop with contemporary smoking products is all good, make room for innovative and modern items.

Ensure that your chosen smoking accessories manufacturer in China offers and supplies the absolute essential smoking products. Depending on the availability of products and accessibility of suppliers, and budget, choose your smoking accessories manufacturers.

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