Best Swag Ideas Your Employees and Clients Will Love

Company swag items are an excellent way for organizations to connect with their employees, clients, and prospects. They aim to increase brand recognition and engagement, drive sales, and penetrate markets. 

The most widely used promotional items include wireless chargers, desk accessories, coffee mugs, and water bottles. However, as 2022 is already here, why not use some new creative swag ideas to help your company build relationships and achieve business growth?

From statement pieces to eco-friendly accessories, here is a list of the best swag ideas to delight clients and show staff appreciation.

#1 Pet Accessories

One of the sweetest ways to connect with your employees and customers is to gift them pet swag items that will be a massive hit with their furry friends. You can opt for ideas such as pet collars, leashes, dog boxes, treat bags, pet bag dispensers, and so much more. Deciding to send branded pet accessories to show appreciation shows that your company is pet-friendly and cares about employees’ families, animal members included. 

#2 Statement Clothing and Accessories

Fashionistas will cherish swag items such as cool-designed clothes (jackets, T-shirts, hoodies, rain shells) and eye-catching accessories such as hats, gloves, socks, or backpacks. However, remember that every company can put a logo on a T-shirt, so you need to opt for unique designs and out-of-the-ordinary apparel if you want to be prominent. Unusual clothing gives your team a club-like sense of identity. Plus, it is more likely to stick out to passersby in public which is great for increasing brand awareness.  

When considering unique swag ideas for your employees and clients, don’t overlook the subtle yet personalized touch of custom crew socks. These versatile accessories can add a distinctive flair to your corporate gifts while ensuring comfort and style for your recipients.

#3 Electronic-Related Swags

Electronic-related swag corporate gifts are always a good idea, especially for employees and clients who love music and ones that want to do more than one thing on the go.

For example, customizable AirPod cases provide a fantastic opportunity for employees to have unique headphones or a light Bluetooth speaker that can be easily paired to electronic devices and fit in a backpack. Depending on your budget, you can also consider ideas such as USB flash drives, branded power banks, wireless chargers, and so on.

#4 Travel Swag Essentials

Travel is an essential human activity, so why not think of branded company swag ideas to make the journey easier for your team and clients. Items that offer comfort during travel and travel bags and luggage accessories are clever company swag options you should consider. Importantly, opt for items that will reflect your brand in a high-quality way and provide extreme function and usability. Then, employees can use them on the road both for corporate events or conferences and personal travel. 

#5 Wellness, Fitness, and Self-Care Swag Items

Promoting employee wellness nowadays is more important than ever, as the lines between work and home life are so thin. With that in mind, why not demonstrate your commitment to your employees’ well-being and offer them swag items that can make health easier to maintain. Think of a custom yoga mat, jog strap, FitBit, custom sleep mask, hand sanitizer, lip balm, stone face roller, and so on. 

#6 Eco-Friendly Swags

Eco-friendly promotional items are a favorite company swag idea for clients and employees alike. Giving this type of gift ensures that it has a lower environmental impact. Moreover, taking action to protect the planet’s health by being conscious about what products you promote shows your company is dedicated to a higher cause, leaving quite an impression on your collaborators and team. As an idea, you can opt for a recycled cotton tote bag, a reusable straw set, or bamboo kitchen items. 

#7 Coffee and Tea Inspired Gifts

A great swag gift for coffee lovers specially designed to elevate their coffee experience is a corporate coffee gift basket containing a coffee canister, high-quality espresso, biscotti, and a coffee mug. As for the tea lovers, an original promotional idea can be a basket with a selection of teas or a teacup, pot, and biscuits as a stand-alone swag or as accompanying items to your tea selection box.

#8 Cocktail Kit

Cocktail kits are among the best company swag box ideas, loved especially by your employees. This kit can contain wine, whiskey, or margarita glasses, cocktail shakers, coasters, beverage napkins, and dry snacks. And the most incredible thing about it is that you can brand all supplies it contains, providing your team with the suitable material for a perfectly executed happy hour. 

The Bottom Line

Promotional gifts are a great way to add a bit of fun and gratitude to the workplace. In addition, branded swag helps promote the company to outsiders and gives workers a sense of shared identity. Above all, look for unexpected and creative items that show you took time to think about the gift you are giving. 

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