Best Thai TV series

Best Thai TV series

Chinese, Korean, and Japanese dramas are very popular in Asia. Well, they may be the renowned choices all over the world right now but there’re other entertainment industries too that are growing their ranks on the global stage. One of them is Thailand, which is popular for producing dramas รวมซีรีส์ called ‘Thai Lakorn’.

I am going to share with you a list of the Best Thai TV series ever made.

Project S – Side By Side (2017)

Part of the Project S series, Side By Side is renowned for leading sports as a starring theme in a show. In this show, we watch P’Yim, an enthusiastic badminton player. But, nothing goes according to plan, with P’Yim being bullied to the point of flipping out in his competitions. His younger brother, Dong, decides to do something about it. Apart from the fast-paced sports-based storyline, the series presents familial love in the form of P’Yim and his brother, Dong, which is really stirring. In addition, watching the characters fight through their hardships is pretty inspiring too.

Hua Jai Sila

Also renowned as ‘ Man of Vengence‘, this Thai Lakorn is a classic family battle story that is filled with turns and twists and keeps the suspense up in each episode.
Sila is the son of a rich businessman and a mistress. After the death of his mother, he was forced to live with his father’s family. When he was child he was mistreated by his stepmother so he jumps into the river to avoid them all. Everyone believed that he dead. But he survives and came back as an adult to take revenge from all of those who hurt him.

Who Are You

Are you looking for the latest thai lakorn? Who are you is the best choice that you can go for. This romantic drama is quite different from the typical romantic stories and will definitely make you want more with every passing episode. The story of “Who are you” is about an orphaned girl who is fed up of her life and desires to end her life. In this process, she doesn’t die but losses her memory.

Now she’s living with her new identity and meets different people. In new friends that she makes, she falls in love with an athlete while another friend of hers assists her in recovering her lost memories. But as she starts getting back her memories, she reminds back all her pain which she faced in her life

Leh Ratree

In the 21st century, these kinds of series can get bad publicity but it’s the sharpness of the story that makes it a worth seeing drama.
The story begins with Sake who is searching for Kate’s father who stole his money and ran away. After finding him, he sends his daughter to Sake to pay off his debts. Though this relationship began with an odd start, with the passage of time both start to have feelings for each other.

The Judgement

The Judgement is the best Thai TV series currently available on Netflix. It follows a college student Lookkaew who encounters a traumatic affair at a party. Lookkaew try hard to change the toxic culture of her school, when she became the target of the gossip and a scandal that surrounds it.

Revenge (2017)

Mathusorn decides to get a divorce after knowing that her husband had an affair, and takes her daughter, Phung, to live somewhere else. But no thanks to insolvency, she hardly has any money and this forces her to settle in an unsafe neighbourhood surrounded by unfriendly citizens, though she has been warned. Things get worse when Mathusorn and her daughter are haphazardly involved in a drug-dealing conflict. Lalita Panyopas (as Mathusorn) , is very popular among Thais for her roles in TV dramas and movies. In Revenge, you can look forward to the actor in emotional, chilling scenes as a mother who looks for revenge on those who have hurt her family.

The Gifted

The Gifted is one of the good series. This series will hurt your brain, seriously. If you watch this, get ready to have a plenty of theories in mind. Additionally, I do have to disclose how the whole story revolves around the concept of equality and privilege.

The Crown Princess

This TV series is related to Princess Alice who comes across danger after her coronation in Hrysos. To stay secured, she’s secretly sent to Thailand where Dawin, a Lieutenant Commander of the Thai Navy Seal, becomes her bodyguard.

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