Las Vegas is the entertainment capital of the USA. Casinos may come to mind first when you think about Las Vegas, but  there are many other things to do in Las Vegas for people of all ages. Canyon tours, helicopter rides, national parks and many other things that you can enjoy with your family. Here we have given you the best things to do in Las Vegas.

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Let’s check the best things to do in Las Vegas.

1. Hoover dam

A hoover dam is also called Boulder dam. This tourist place is an inspirational sign of American engineering. Tourists have flocked here for decades to look at charming views of the colorado waterway and lakes mead. Nowadays, the dam gets larger than one million annual tourists. You can go to this place and enjoy yourself with your family. People may take a gondola ride. Also, the Stratosphere is one of the best things in Las Vegas.

2. Grand Canyon national park

The park is humbling proof of the power of nature. It is considered as the most popular attraction in America, with 6 million tourists annually. All the people felt very astonishingly, and they loved this tourist place. You can also take an amazing whitewater rafting trip

3. Mirage Casino and Volcano

It is considered to be one of 3 establishments deprived by Danny ocean. This hotel has gained a reputation among ordinary Vegas tourists. They feel the best place to venture along the strip for a higher roller. Current tourists also say that it is the most impressive show. Overall, it is best or free to enjoy. There are many heaps of shows, music events, and concerts. So people may come quickly to visit and enjoy.

4. Antelope canyon

Antelope Canyon is the most famous, and it can do for anyone that visits Las Vegas. This peaceful or calm environment would provide you the chance to comfort and enjoy. Here you can enjoy lots of things with your family.

5. Bellagio fountains

It is one of the best things to do in Las Vegas as it is considered as the most incredible place. It is the sight of more than 1000 fountains shooting water near about five hundred feet into the air. It is a beautiful tourist place. All the tourists prefer to go to this place to enjoy themselves. It contains wide, choreographed water characteristics with presentations or performances set to music or light. More so, this attraction was generated by a WET design or plan. Hence it is the most prominent place for your enjoyment with family.


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