Surfing is a common sport in North America, most especially in the United States of America (U.S.A.). Hawaii is generally known as the place where modern surfing and spiritual surfing were first practiced. Surfing is a water sport, and in most cases, the oceans are the primary water locations meant for surfing. Oahu, an Island in Hawaii, is commonly referred to as the home of surfing. In these articles, we will give a detailed list and description of places to go surfing if you visit Hawaii for the first time.


  1. Puaena Point: The Puaena point, according to popular opinion, is known as the best place for surfing in Hawaii. It is located right next to the famous Haleiwa Beach Park; it is a perfect and cool place to help you catch your first surfing technique. The shade is located across the shorelines. Pauena helps prevent you from sun rays which might block your vision while surfing.
  2. Chun’s Reef: This is also located In Haleiwa, is a perfect place for beginners and expert in surfing to practice their surfing skills. The Chun’s Reef is also known as Simply Chun’s by locals.
  3. Popoia Island: This Island is located about half a quarter mile from Kailua. Most locals fondly call it the Flat Island. Most beginners in surfing, visiting Hawaii for the first time, or are locals love to go to Popoia Island to practice and sharpen their skills.

Lemon Drops Location: This is also one of the best places you might want to consider visiting if you start surfing. Whether you want to learn surfing for fun or go professional about it, Lemon drops have everything you need. Located right next to Poipu Beach, it is a good place for surfing beginners. Thousand Peak’s Location: The Thousands Peak location got its name “Thousand Peak’s Location” from the presence of endless peaks in the place. On the map, it is southwest of UKumehame Beach Park off Honoapiilani Highway. The term “Thousand refers to surf breaks with numerous peaks and waves that break all, i.e., left, right, front, and back.


As earlier mentioned in this article, Hawaii is the home to modern and spiritual surfing. In the Hawaiian language, surfing is” he’enalu.” However, there is other slang associated with surfing that has Hawaii meaning. Understanding the root meaning of surfing in the Hawaiian culture helps a person get a holistic meaning of surfing.

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Dolphins are a friendly set of aqua mammals that everyone wants to get a close-up look at. When surfing you can get a good look at the dolphins. However, this does not happen all the time. It requires careful planning to ensure that you get a glimpse of them. There are times of the year that dolphins tend to appear or migrate to the Ohau beach. This is when you can be lucky enough to meet them. The best time of the year for a traveller to see dolphins is from August – November. If you are that determined to meet them, then you will need to plan your journey to fall within the timeline.If you are budget traveler then check the cheapest time to visit Hawaii which help you to plan your trip.

Of course, you must realize that this is a case of chance, so except you plan to surf or be at the beach each day, you might not get to meet them.


As a traveller, one of the things that interest you in Hawaii is the numerous Hawaii waterfalls. While helping you discover different Hawaii waterfall locations, your guide always reveals the history behind the waterfall. Hawaiians generally believe that those waterfalls are the ones who brought about life in Hawaii. Therefore, water, called “waii” in the Hawaiian language, is known as the giver of life. Examples of popular Hawaiian tours are Akaka Falls, Rainbow Falls, Hanakapai Falls, Wailua Falls, etc.


Hawaii is a place in the U.S. that receives a constant influx of tourists. The presence of several tourist attractions such as waterfalls, beaches, etc., attest to this fact. As a traveller visiting Hawaiian for the first, you should be expecting nothing less than an exhilarating experience throughout. This has given an overview of things you should expect and lookout for a while visiting Hawaii. Obtaining a clearance is very important to permit you into New York and the United States of America as a whole.

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