Body Piercing Jewelry: Should You Choose Gold or Silver?

Body Piercing Jewelry

From gold nose piercings in India to universally-loved ear piercings, body piercing jewelry has been trending all across the world for thousands of years. And it’s a trend that shows no signs of dying out anytime soon.

There are so many placements on your body that you can get pierced that your options are practically endless. If you have a body piercing or are thinking of getting one, then this article is for you.

Imagine; you get a new body piercing that you’re in love with. But, the piercing site becomes infected and you can no longer wear your body jewelry.

Infections like this can happen whether you get gold or silver jewelry. It’s not the color of jewelry that’s at fault, it’s the quality of metal the jewelry is made out of.

So if you’re about to get a new body piercing and are wondering whether to go with gold or silver jewelry, this article is for you. Because here, we not only answer all your questions about which metal jewelry you should go with, we also tell you which metals are safest for your body.

Keep reading to learn whether gold or silver body jewelry is for you and how to stay free from infection so that you can rock your new piercing for years to come.

Which Metal Suits My Skin Tone?

The first question you want to ask yourself is this: which looks best on me, gold or silver? Like with color, different metals best suit specific skin tones.

Gold tends to best suit warm or olive skin tones, whereas silver typically better compliments cooler skin tones. If you’re lucky enough to have a neutral skin tone, then you can pull off gold and silver jewelry.

Is This Body Jewelry Skin Safe?

Once you’ve decided on which color metal, the next step is to ensure that you’re getting jewelry that’s safe for your body.

When you get a new piercing, there’s always the fear that it’ll become infected. And what is the common culprit for adverse body piercing reactions? It’s nickel.

Nickel allergies are often associated with body piercing because much of low-grade jewelry is made with this metal. Common signs and symptoms of nickel allergies include dry patches, rash or bumps on the skin, and itching.

To avoid such an allergic reaction, look for hypoallergenic jewelry. Hypoallergenic simply means that the jewelry is made of a metal that has a small chance of causing an allergic reaction.

Best Metals for Body Piercing Jewelry

Don’t trust body jewelry online that’s listed as ‘gold’ or ‘silver.’ By just listing the color and not the metal the jewelry is made of, companies try to trick unassuming consumers into buying low-quality jewelry that’s unsafe for their bodies.

We don’t want you falling for their tricks, which is why we list below the best hypoallergenic metals for both gold and silver jewelry.

Best Silver Metal: Titanium

If you’re looking for silver jewelry, then you should reach for something made of titanium. Titanium is so safe for the body that it’s even often used for medical implants. This metal keeps its shine and its hypoallergenic properties for years if taken care of properly.

Titanium has a nice natural dark silver color, but if silver is not your style, don’t start looking for other metals just yet. You can get titanium jewelry in just about any color.

Colored titanium is achieved through a process called anodization. Anodization is how you get multi-colored and rainbow metal finishes.

Best Gold Metal: 14k Gold

When it comes to buying gold jewelry, you must invest in the real thing. But, that doesn’t mean you have to spend thousands of dollars on pure gold. Rather, reach for 14k gold body piercing jewelry.

But, before we tell you why 14k gold is preferable, let’s first explain what the k stands for. K stands for karat, which is a measurement of the ratio of actual gold content to other metals and alloys in a piece of gold jewelry.

When it comes to gold, the purer doesn’t mean it’s better quality. Pure gold is actually very soft and not as durable when compared to 14k gold. Gold under 14k is not safe to wear because it contains unsafe amounts of nickel.

It’s important to note that you should avoid 14k gold-plated jewelry. Although gold-plated jewelry may be more affordable, the plating can easily rub off, exposing the skin to harmful metals, usually an alloy made with nickel, underneath.

Where To Get Quality Body Jewelry Online

The last step for choosing whether to get gold or diamond body jewelry is the most fun step of all; it’s shopping!

If you’re looking for body jewelry online, then check out Body Pierce Jewelry. They carry high-quality and hypoallergenic titanium, 14k gold, sterling silver, and stainless steel body piercing jewelry in a variety of styles. Whether you’re looking for jewelry for your new septum piercing or are looking to update your earring collection, Body Pierce Jewelry has you covered.

Gold or Silver: Which Will You Choose?

Whether you choose gold or silver, you must go with body piercing jewelry that is safe for your body. When shopping, look for body piercing jewelry that’s made of either titanium or 14k gold. And remember, don’t trust any jewelry that’s metal plated or listed as just ‘gold’ or ‘silver’ to be safe for your body.

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