Book illustrator: What you need to know

It’s quite easy to find a book illustrator to help you with your book. You can choose to contact a freelance agency or even a graphic book publisher to find a book illustrator. Alternatively, you can go through graphic novel forums to get a recommendation from community members for a book illustrator who meets your specific needs. Remember that reputable freelance agencies tend to do a vetting process for the skills freelancers provide. When choosing a book illustrator, ask for references and links to their portfolios. This article discusses a book illustrator.

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A book illustrator

The major element in a graphic book or novel is the payments to the book illustrators. This is the reason why you need to consider the budget for hiring a book illustrator.

When it comes to the payments, you need to offer a financial proposal that can be a page rate with a buy-out fee. In some cases, it can also have an advance with royalties that you can pay later on.

You can also find a professional comic book illustrator who expects to be paid more money for their skills. Keep in mind that free sample work, contests, and speculative work are common in the comic book sector.

Likewise, if you desire to have an illustrator to help you with your ideas for the fund-raising campaign, then you have to pay them. Many illustrators like to work with someone who appreciates their expertise and pays on time and upfront.

Many comic book illustrators also prefer to offer a page rate instead of a flat fee. This means that the fee can vary depending on the page numbers you need. Another factor that can affect the total cost is whether or not you want to put together a traditional comic book team.

Besides, you also need to consider the color of the comic book and the artwork complexity in relation to the story. If you decide to work with a comic book illustrator and they also have to edit the script, then you need to pay them for the time it takes to complete the book.

Hiring a book illustrator

You should remember that your financial calculation for hiring a book illustrator can depend on the type of artist and their page rates. In most cases, you may have to spend at least one to two hundred per page, but it can also increase significantly when you hire the best illustrators.

Therefore, it makes sense to contact the book illustrators in London and request them to provide their rates and conditions. But if you can’t afford to have full color, then white and black can be an ideal option. And, if the illustrator offers it, you can create a payment plan.

Many illustrators can do several revisions as stated in the contract, which is part of the creative process. Therefore, several revisions can be done during the penciling stage. The artwork that is ready and you approve it at any stage can be final.

Things you need to check before you hire a book illustrator

Now that you have decided to hire a book illustrator, there are a few things you need to check. This includes:


You need to search for a book illustrator who can offer amazing illustrations for your book. The most important thing you need to search is the credibility of the illustrator in their works. Therefore, you should ask for their previous books that they have illustrated as well as how it performed on the market.

You must do this because you want to ensure that you are paying for professional assistance that cannot let you down. Just be patient and take your time looking through the book illustrator’s portfolio. If there is a potential illustrator, you should visit their website or even social media to look for consistency.


Consistency is crucial when you want to achieve something. This also applies to book illustrators, so they need to be consistent working on book projects so that they gain enough experience. Spending more time working on book illustrations can develop their skills and experiment on other styles. Remember that styles are also a key aspect as it can engage the interest of readers to buy and read your book.

Hence, you should see the previous work of the potential illustrator to see credibility and consistency in working on book illustrations. Also, the illustration styles of the book illustrator needs to match your imaginations and taste.


You can find many styles on the market. For example, illustrations for children’s books include realistic, cartoon, stylized, whimsical, and sketches styles. And, different styles can take different times to complete. Different styles can also come with different prices depending on how much time they spend to finish it.

Therefore, you need to make sure that you select the illustration style according to your budget that you are ready to spend on the illustrations. This is the reason why it’s a good idea to have a budget from the beginning to the marketing process.

The budget and cost

No doubt, writing a book is a good way you can invest your hard-earned money. Therefore, you need to come up with the budget planning from the beginning so that you know how the book can be formatted. This can also help you to know how many professionals you need to hire to assist you finish the book. Remember that the more professional help you get or the more books you print, the more cash you have to spend.

That said, there are several expenses associated with hiring a boom illustrator, meaning you need to find one that meets your budget. The cost of book illustrators also determines their styles and skills. Hence, if you find a book illustrator and before you hire them to start the illustration process, you need to sign a working contract to guide you when doing this project.

A working contract is necessary when it comes to working with a person you don’t know. A working contract can include working flow, intellectual properties, payment, and deadline.

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