Bounce House Rental Safety

Bounce House Rental Safety

At backyard parties, block parties, school and church festivals, and town fairs, people rent inflatable castles, also known as bounce houses, jumping castles, jumper castles, jolly jumps, moon bounces, and enclosed inflatable trampolines. The growing demand for these types of attractions has spawned a Jumper Rental Fontana CA business that offers a wide variety of slides, obstacle courses, large games, carnival games and more. Because of their portability and low maintenance requirements, inflatables are perfect for use as temporary attractions. During the summer, kids are ready to release all that energy with some good, bouncy fun. Are trampolines and inflatables safe?

Over 110,000 trampoline and inflatable accidents occur nationwide each year. The steady increase in these mishaps can be attributed to the fact that trampolining has grown in popularity since its inclusion as an Olympic sport in 2000, and there are several places where youngsters can go to jump on trampolines.

Tips for Maximizing Trampoline Safety

Kids are always walking a tightrope between having fun and pushing boundaries – and trying not to get hurt. Here are some guidelines for families who enjoy jumping:

  1. Trampoline jumpers must be at least six years old. Many children under the age of six lack the balance to avoid falling into an awkward position.
  1. For safe bounce house fun, make sure the jumpers are roughly the same size and weight, since a smaller child could tumble out through the entrance.
  1. Ensure that jumpers are supervised by an adult. This is a parent or someone whom the parent trusts.
  1. Follow the equipment safety guidelines. These can vary depending on the manufacturer. Trampoline maintenance often includes removing ladders, covering springs and hinges, and installing a net cage. Precautions for bounce houses include anchoring the structure and placing mats around the entrance and any other areas where a youngster could fall.
  1. Avoid attempting tricks. Leave somersaults, flips, and other stunts to the gymnasts.
  1. To start the safety process, choose a reliable trampoline rental service. There are reliable companies like Bounce House Rentals Fontana, CA that rank safety and quality. Ask about safety, equipment maintenance and setup when hiring a rental company.
  1. The inflatable house must be inflated. It must not sag. Check the fan to ensure it is running and maintaining proper air pressure within the structure.
  1. Inspect the trampoline for damage such as tears, holes, or worn seams. Make sure it is clean and free from dirt.
  1. Clear rules and guidelines for safe bouncing are essential. Before entering the trampoline, communicate these rules to all participants.
  1. Check the weather, especially when going outdoors. Strong wind, rain or lightning can pose serious hazards when using inflatable trampolines. To prevent accidents, deflate and secure trampolines immediately when weather is expected.


Your inflatable rental will be fun and safe for everyone if you make safety a priority and follow these instructions. Jam Jam Bounce House & Inflatable Party Rentals provides clean, well-maintained inflatables and services for proper installation and . Remember, the key to a successful and trouble-free event is preparation and vigilance.

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