Build Your Home Gaming Setup with this Guide

Build Your Home Gaming Setup with this Guide

For avid gamers, being able to turn their passion into a living is the dream. One way to make that happen is through live streaming. The thing is, turning your gaming sessions into some kind of business to earn money isn’t that easy. But apart from the type of game or streaming platform to use, creating a professional setup is just as important.

While only a few talk about the gear a live streamer uses, it’s what keeps your stream running. If you want top-notch sessions, you need to be equipped with the best gaming and streaming setup. Here are a few tips to help you create a professional setup at home and quickly increase the number of viewers.

  1. Build a powerful PC setup

It all starts with a powerful PC that you need for quality gameplay for your sessions. While there are thousands of complete PC builds that you can readily buy, most professional gamers customize their PC setup. You can check out reputable sellers of custom gaming systems. This is typically a more cost-effective option compared to building your own.

Not only do you get access to top-of-the-line and newest components for gaming PCs, but most sellers offer lifetime service guarantees too. Moreover, this allows you to hand-tuned your setup even more, from adjusting performance ounces to frame rates. Just get a deal with a credible seller with a team of talented staff.

  1. Invest in a good chair

A good gaming chair is a vital investment for many gamers or live streamers. It’s the key to having a comfortable and enjoyable gaming session. Getting cheap with your chair can result in serious back pain or issues. After all, if you’re planning to stream for several hours, you need to invest in the right chair for your health and comfort. Find one with proper back support and adjustable design. The armrests and cushions should be adjustable too for optimum support and comfort. Your best bet is looking for an ergonomic gaming chair. These types are designed to provide a combination of improved posture, comfort, and support.

  1. Soundproof the room

Now, you don’t want your family or housemates getting disturbed by high volumes. If you’re an avid gamer who loves playing with high speaker volumes instead of headphones, soundproof your gaming room. You can reduce room noises by using soundproofing blankets and curtains, which are easy to install. You have to hang them up. For the wall, you can add a layer of drywall or fix the wall’s acoustic foams. These tasks are usually better to be handled by professionals. You can also invest in heavy rugs or mats for the floor, which helps absorb noise. Other areas to soundproof are the room’s door, windows, and ceiling.

  1. Complete your peripherals

Of course, you don’t want to forget your gaming peripherals. These include your keyboard, mouse, headset, monitor, gaming controller, USB microphone, speakers, and gaming mouse pads. They might look like small pieces in the puzzle, but they can greatly impact the quality of your gaming performance. In other words, you can’t afford to make a wrong choice. For instance, you can go with a gaming mouse pad that helps you move your mouse faster and smoother, and also improves your hand wrist comfort.

As for your mouse, find one with multiple buttons and optical laser sensors for speed adjustments and quick sensitivity. Choosing between wireless and wired options is a matter of personal preference. Check out the pros and cons of both options before making a decision.

  1. Buy a quality webcam

A live stream won’t be possible with the right webcam. Webcam connectivity is vital for live video feed or recording and for interacting with other players. Take note that there are different resolutions available. Choose the one that supports your needs and budget. If you want an affordable but still good quality resolution, you can go with a 720p webcam.

Or you can buy a webcam with a 1080 resolution level if you’re looking for something a little higher in quality but still reasonably priced. If you want something on the higher end, you can invest in a 4k webcam, which offers incredibly high resolution. They are much more expensive compared to the other two options but give off the best resolution.

Live streaming can be an amazing job for anyone who loves playing video games. You get to play while earning money at the same time. But if you want to be a popular live stream gamer, you need to first invest in a great setup. And of course, you need some pretty impressive skills too!

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